It's Your Event, You're In Control!
Our platform empowers you to design and produce live highly interactive social experiences
Social Stream
CoveritLive makes it easy to create an automated or moderated stream of social media content, incorporating content from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and more.
  • Social streams are excellent complements to dashboard experiences, as standalone streams or as persistent Web page Tickers
  • Trusted Twitter feeds can be filtered and automatically published to social streams to add live commentary directly from journalists in the field or to add relevant third party analysis and opinion
Live Blog
CoveritLive gives Live Blogs new life, with moderation and curation capabilities that ensure a high-quality real-time audience experience.
  • CoveritLive automatically updates in real time, giving every audience member an up-to-the-moment experience
  • Hosts contribute real-time content – sports play-by-play, breaking news reporting, red carpet commentary, etc. – in typical Live Blog fashion
  • One or more backend producers work to shape and control event content, audience participation and pace, while incorporating photos, videos, polls and social media
Facebook Chat
For brands and organizations struggling to make their Facebook pages more engaging, CoveritLive Facebook Chat supports compelling, fully moderated live Q&A involving customers, fans, media and other valued groups, in Facebook.
  • For product launches, announcements, and executive or celebrity events, Facebook Chat can bring organizations together with potentially huge numbers of consumers
  • Website-based CoveritLive Chat and Facebook Chat can run concurrently, uniting two audiences in a single Chat event
Curate social content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, along with original comments and images, for display in a tiled wall format.
  • LiveContentWall’s versatility allows it to showcase social media feeds in a social hub, highlight a key news story, create a social wall at an event or in a retail store, run a hashtag campaign, promote a product launch, highlight photo-heavy content, and more
  • Producers can customize the display and appearance of the Wall according to their needs
Live Q&A
CoveritLive makes Q&A chat events coherent and informative experiences, featuring experts, celebrities or trusted reporters making prepared remarks or hosting question and answer sessions.
  • Live Q&A’s are text based, but including real-time photos or videos in the stream makes the experience richer and broadens its appeal
  • Audience members can also submit rich media content, which the producer is free to accept or reject via CoveritLive’s robust moderation tool set
CoveritLive can enhance real-time experiences with a live automated scoreboard that displays sports scores and data from specific teams, leagues, tournaments and other major sporting events.
  • LiveScores supports MLB, MLS, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA FBS Football, NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball, the PGA Tour, FIFA, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, English Premier League and many more European Football leagues
Live Gallery
A Live Gallery supports separate full-screen gallery display of all of the images in a CoveritLive experience.
  • Using Lightbox Media Gallery, Live Galleries can display original images uploaded into CoveritLive, as well as any Twitter or Instagram photos included in the event
  • Live Gallery supports standalone gallery experiences, but also provides an opportunity for more visual readers to choose to only browse photos in a multimedia event
CoveritLive can enhance live television coverage of sports, breaking news and entertainment events with a concurrent interactive experience.
  • As breaking news events unfold on television, hosts can provide companion content and real-time commentary to engage with news viewers
  • CoveritLive Second Screen events can also support viewer interaction through moderated live chats
  • CoveritLive Second Screen experiences can also complement live television with automated social media streams or LiveContentWalls
CoveritLive Social Streams or LiveContentWalls can be displayed in public at conferences, concerts, athletic contests, in retail stores and at other major events.
  • CoveritLive’s Twitter geo-location feature makes it easy to incorporate Tweets from an event’s physical vicinity into an On Site CoveritLive experience
Fully customize live experiences by leveraging CoveritLive’s robust API, creating custom templates and designing Custom Skins.
  • Use the CoveritLive API to customize and integrate with your CoveritLive experiences
  • Pull specific data for on-screen display in a broadcast or on a stadium videoboard, deeply integrate into native mobile applications, create a custom reader interface or design an advanced SEO solution
  • Create custom templates, utilize CiL’s out-of the box templates or design Custom Skins for your experiences

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