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Resizing the Viewer Window

By default the pixel dimensions of the Viewer Window are 470w x 550h. The Viewer Window can also be altered in size, to a minimum size of 300 pixels in width x 385 pixels in height. Please note when you resize the Viewer Window below 400 pixels in width it will take on a "Mini Player" mode (with a slightly different layout) in order to accommodate for the smaller size.

Resizing using Embed Code:

The EventDesigner allows you to easily customize the size of your Stream (Viewer Window) when you build your live event. On the build page use the EventDesigner to simply enter a custom width and height into the boxes provided, or select to use the 100% width and/or the infinite height options for a more responsive design.

The embed code will automatically update based on the settings you select. Copy this embed code and use it on your website. (Note: If you previously installed your embed code and are now updating with a new size, you will need to replace the original embed code).

Control the size of your Viewer Window using these options:

  • Width: Set the width of the Viewer Window. Must be at least 300 px.
  • 100% Width: If enabled, the Viewer Window will expand to take up 100% of the space available to it. This is dependant on where the Viewer Window is placed and therefore allows for responsive design. This means that the Viewer Window would be able to automatically resize to appear wider on your website, and then would resize as needed for your optimized mobile or tablet solution.
  • Height: Set the height of the Viewer Window. Must be at least 350 px.
  • Infinite Height: If enabled, the Viewer Window will continue to take up additional height as new posts are added (infinite scroll). Please note that when you enable Infinite Height, Newest Entries at Top and Pinboard will also automatically be turned ON; as this allows for the best overall user experience.

Resizing with Templates:

The easiest way to alter the size of all your future events is to build a custom Viewer Window Template (go to 'My Account > Templates & Settings' to begin). From here you can either change the dimensions of the "CoveritLive Standard" template or build a new template. Once you have built a custom sized template, simply select the template when building a new live event.

Please note that the responsive dimension settings (100% width and infinite height) are not available at the template level and must be updated using the EventDesigner (embed code).

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