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Setting Up an Event

ImageImage Building & Launching
ImageImage Prep Mode new
ImageImage Stream (Viewer Window)
ImageImage Wall (LiveContentWall)
ImageImage Language Options
ImageImage CoveritLive Tickers
ImageImage Adding an Event to Facebook
ImageImage Reader Login Options
ImageImage Creating a CoverPage
ImageImage Adding CiL as a link (Wordpress)


Branding & Appearance

ImageImage How to use EventDesigner
ImageImage Templates & Settings
ImageImage Resizing the Viewer Window
ImageImage Global Skins
ImageImage Custom Skins
ImageImage Channel Pages & SEO
ImageImage Title Page Options
ImageImage CoveritLive API


Communicate & Collaborate

ImageImage Managing an Enterprise Account
ImageImage Adding Panelists & Producers
ImageImage Creating a Group
ImageImage Submitting Comments by Email


Mobile Options

ImageImage CoveritLive Mobile


Managing an Event

ImageImage How to use EventStudio
ImageImage Reader Comments
ImageImage SmartStream
ImageImage Replies / Q&A
ImageImage Pinning
ImageImage Insert Mode new
ImageImage Tools & Settings
ImageImage Standby Mode


Social Media Curation

ImageImage How to Search & Curate
ImageImage Twitter Options
ImageImage Facebook Options
ImageImage Instagram Options
ImageImage YouTube Options


Publishing Multimedia

ImageImage Media Library
ImageImage Add Images
ImageImage Add Video
ImageImage Add Audio
ImageImage Advertising


Interact & Engage

ImageImage Quick Polls
ImageImage Scoreboards
ImageImage Trivia & Live Gaming
ImageImage Notification Center
ImageImage NewsFlash


After an Event

ImageImage Completed Events (Replay)
ImageImage Repeat an Event
ImageImage Stats & Analytics


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