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Standby Mode

Your live event will automatically go into Standby Mode after it senses no activity from you or other Contributors for 30 minutes. It will automatically change to complete status (permanently ending the event) and close to all comments after 48 hours in Standby Mode. You can keep an event active (live) by having someone log in and re-launch the event within the 48 hour timeframe.

  • The manual Standby Mode option is no longer available. Please see recommendations below on managing production breaks, automated content feeds and multi-day events.

  • Unmoderarated Auto-Tweets will continue to publish during Standby Mode. This allows you to continue to automatically feed in trusted Twitter feeds to your live event, even when you are away from the EventStudio console.To turn off automated Tweets you can either choose to turn ON moderation for your feeds (which will save all associated Tweets in your SmartStream for publishing later), or simply delete the feed (you can easily add it later when you return to the event).

  • If you are taking a break from your event we recommend posting a message to your Readers (e.g. "We are taking a short break and will return at 2pm for pre-game coverage"). If you would also like to stop the flow of Reader Comments during your break then we recommend turning off Reader Comments (available from the "Settings" tab during your live event).

  • If you need to run a long multi day event, or wish to add a permnanent editorial window to your site, we recommend using a Ticker. Tickers never go into Standby Mode, nor do they automatically end. Tickers can continue indefinitely without any action on the Writer's behalf. Currently there is no limit to how long your Ticker can run for, making it an ideal solution for long-term coverage.

  • To manually end your live event click "End Live Event" from your Tools tab in EventStudio. Once ended your event will automatically go into Replay Mode to provide a permanent archive of the event content. Readers can continue to view the Replay, but no new content can be added. Detailed event Stats will be available in your Account.

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