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10 Ways to Use CoveritLive

We believe CoveritLive allows for a new type of online reporting; it’s a great tool for providing your expert and in-depth commentary during an event, with the ability to interact in real-time with your readers through live polls, instant questions and multimedia.

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Here are a few of the many ways CoveritLive can be used to engage online audiences:

  1. Deliver Breaking News
  2. Provide in-depth Local News
  3. Run a Q&A Session
  4. Get Political
  5. Cover the Big Game
  6. Host a Regularly Scheduled Event
  7. Live Blog a Conference
  8. Entertain TV Fans
  9. Educate and Debate
  10. Host an Earnings Call

  • Deliver Breaking News

    CoveritLive's real time commentary allows you to engage your online readers for long periods of time during a breaking news event, instead of providing a 2-3 minute recap the next day. Give your online readers unique and instant content that the other news sites simply can't provide. Deliver breaking news hot off the wire (such as trial verdicts, international events, political updates, press conferences), instantly add a severe weather watch with live commentary from your weather team, host a daily news report with in-depth coverage of the top stories, or provide live perspective direct from your expert correspondents. Easily and instantly add images, video, audio clips and advertisements during your live event. With CoveritLive's real-time interaction, local and international TV stations, radio stations and newspapers can provide engaging breaking content for their online websites. Select to turn off reader comments and create a real-time ongoing live news feed. Or use the CoveritLive Ticker as a permanent "editorial window" for 24/7 "always on" live commentary.

    Image Yahoo! News covers the Boston Marathon Bombing

    Image Scotus Blog deploys CiL for breaking Trial Coverage

  • Provide in-depth Local News

    As audiences shift their attention to the web, local newspapers are increasingly moving their news content online. To retain and engage audiences, the ability to cover local and community events with interactive coverage and in-depth perspective becomes key. Readers prefer original content over a cookie-cutter story off the newswire, and are increasingly searching for information that is pertinent to their lives. CoveritLive makes it easy to create unique online content relevant to local readers and available on demand. The multi-author capabilities allow writers to quickly invite other contributors, and the interactive features and reader comments make it easy to foster an online community. Use CoveritLive to provide in-depth coverage of local news reports, to live blog local weather, to cover community level events like music festivals and sports, to interview local artists and politicians, and to discuss and debate municipal politics and urban issues.

  • Run a Q&A Session

    CoveritLive has been used for Q&A Sessions with technology and legal experts, CEOs, local politicians, newspaper staff, sports celebrities and on-air personalities. Try inviting a guest speaker, colleague or subject matter expert to participate in your live event, to provide further insight or commentary. The Always Allow feature makes it a snap to quickly add a commentator during an event, and the reader moderation makes it easy to control which questions go live. If you're running a live event with a large audience, take advantage of the Producer feature to assist in approving reader comments and managing interactive media.

    Image Ford Case Study: Live Product Q&A Sessions

    Image 7 Keys to Hosting Successful Chats With High-Profile People

  • Get Political

    Imagine the impact of your live commentary during a critical Senate vote or as the President delivers the State of the Union. Using CiL for political events (debates, coverage of the primaries, city council meetings, press conferences, speeches, elections) has been growing rapidly since CoveritLive came out of beta in late 2007. It has been used by micro-niche bloggers, political parties, mid-size newspapers and global news organizations like Newsweek and Yahoo!. Political writers from around the world (including the U.S., England, Pakistan, Italy, and Spain) are using CoveritLive to cover breaking political events as they unfold. Live blogging a political debate or an election night using CoveritLive creates an engaging event that readers have never experienced before. The ability to provide real time perspective, make use of multimedia, and interact with an audience through quick polls and comments makes CoveritLive truly engaging for political readers.

    Image Raycom Media’s State of the Union Live Coverage

    Image Observer-Dispatch uses CiL to add excitement to 2010 Election coverage

  • Cover the Big Game

    Whether you are covering the playoffs, draft-picks, semi-finals, international sports or a local game, CoveritLive can play a key part of your sports coverage. CoveritLive been used by thousands of writers and bloggers to provide coverage across all sports, including basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, cricket, golf, chess, wrestling and racing. CoveritLive is experienced with ‘multi-thousand reader’ live blogs taking place over long periods (10 consecutive hours) of time, making it an excellent and reliable tool for all day sporting events. Talk to your readers live during the game and let them interact with you with live polls and instant questions. Enhance your live event by adding a Scoreboard to automatically display live scores and data. If the game isn't on television, use CoveritLive to reach out to the readers across the country who want to know what’s going on at their Alma Mater or hometown team. For live blogging during the NBA playoffs and Fantasy Football, Yahoo! Sports uses CoveritLive to provide engaging and comprehensive coverage.

    Image NFL Case Study

    Image Yahoo Sports! Case Study

    Image Case Study

  • Host a Regularly Scheduled Event

    Host a weekly or daily live event at the same day and time so your readers know when to "tune in". Creating a scheduled live event is a great way to grow your readership and creates a unique online experience (ideal for covering a weekly TV show, scheduled game or "ask the editor" segment). CoveritLive's instant syndication can also turn your readership into a much larger number. Simply provide the embed code from your event to as many other websites and blogs as you like. This lets them keep their readers on their own site while opening up your live event to a wider audience. Imagine sharing an event across a network or multiple newspaper sites. Alternatively for ongoing events, use the CoveritLive Ticker as a permanent "editorial window" for 24/7 "always on" live commentary.

    Image Scheduled Events grow Readership: LA Times, USA Today, CBC

  • Entertain TV Fans

    From cult favorites like American Idol and Dancing on Ice, to special events like the Oscars and the Grammys, niche bloggers and journalists alike are using CoveritLive in record numbers to cover televised shows and events. Readers are passionate about their shows, and with CoveritLive you can create a weekly event as you broadcast real-time live commentary. Instead of waiting for tomorrow to read a short recap, readers get the inside scoop from you as they watch their favorite show. With CoveritLive it's not chat, it's a live event; your audience tunes in because they want your perspective. CoveritLive enables the writer to instantly host reader comments and questions, add images, video and advertisements, and launch unlimited instant polls ("who will be kicked off the show tonight?") to engage readers in a whole new online experience.

    Image CoveritLive engages with more than 1.1 million Academy Awards viewers

    Image Second Screen set to explode and CiL is onboard

    Image CoveritLive, a leader in Golden Globes Social TV coverage

    Image USA Today: Critics Corner Chat

  • Live Blog a Conference

    From technology and press conferences to industry seminars, company events, summits, product releases and keynote speeches, CoveritLive makes covering live events a breeze. Easily live blog the events as they unfold and share your perspective with out-of-town colleagues and readers. CoveritLive's Standby Mode lets you take long breaks and disconnect, while your readers catch up on what has happened so far, and the Media Uploader allows you to quickly upload any conference digital photos or video clips. When your event is complete, the Viewer Window instantly converts itself into an Instant Replay, allowing readers to read the commentary even if they missed the live session. “Using CiL at the Mobile World Conference let me get the jump on breaking product news." -

    Image MacWorld Case Study: Live Apple Event Coverage

  • Educate and Debate

    In addition to journalists, a large number of teachers and educators are using CoveritLive as an education forum. Share an important lecture with an online audience, invite a guest speaker or graduate student to participate in a debate, live blog an education symposium or school board meeting, or host a Q&A session with an academic expert. CoveritLive's ease of use, web interface and multimedia features make it an excellent tool for educators to share their in-depth perspective with students and colleagues. Tips from an education user

    Image Live-blogging: A way to engage students, readers

    Image Turning a College Lecture into a Conversation with CoveritLive

  • Host an Earnings Call

    A daily newsletter is nice and an RSS feed is a good way to get your headlines out quickly, but running a CoveritLive live event during an earnings call is the best way to get your full perspective out to your clients before the news hits the street. Ask your clients and readers if they have ever been on an earnings Webcast and wondered what you were thinking when the CFO stumbled on next year’s capex spending. If timely perspective and analysis is what they look to you for, CoveritLive is a great tool to have in your back pocket. “Our editor's team now follows important economic data releases in real-time offering our users breaking news and analysis.” -

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