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The Viewer Window (Stream)

Your live event is embedded within a "Viewer Window" on your website using a unique Embed Code. Your Readers watch your live event commentary stream through the Viewer Window in real-time. Readers can use any browser they want (including any mobile device) and they don't ever need to hit refresh to view the latest updates. As the event unfolds, updates appear instantly.

Installing the Viewer Window

Not sure how to add your Viewer Window to your website? Relax. It's quick and easy. Simply copy and paste the unique Embed Code (provided when you build a new live event) onto your site where you want the Viewer Window to appear. That's it.

Automatic Status Updates

After you add the Viewer Window embed code to your website, the Viewer Window automatically updates based on the status of your live event.

  • Upcoming Mode: Before your live event begins, the title, date and time are displayed; notifying your readers of the upcoming event.
  • Live Event: When you launch your event, your Readers watch your commentary stream through the Viewer Window in real-time. Manage your live event using EventStudio.
  • Replay Mode: After you end your event, your posts are immediately transformed into instant replay mode for future reading.

Viewer Window Technology

Your live event is embedded in a Viewer Window on your site using JavaScript & iFrame technology. This solution requires no IT installation, allowing you to drop the Viewer Window anywhere on your site. This is a popular, safe and widely used technique employed throughout the web and used when embedding content from sources such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The best part is the readers get instant updates without ever having to leave your site or refresh the page.

Viewer Window Tips:

  • Install the Viewer Window on your site well in advance of when you want to start your event.
  • Installing early allows you to properly place and resize the Viewer Window. The window can be resized to fit your site better.
  • An Upcoming Live Event message will display in the Viewer Window until your live event begins. This notifies your readers about your upcoming event, and is a simple way to increase readership.
  • You can easily Brand the Viewer Window by using Templates! This feature is great for adding your company logo or custom branding to an event.

Mobile Viewers

Readers can seamlessly watch and participate in CoveritLive events from their mobile devices. We've standardized our mobile Viewer Window to include the same features as the desktop Viewer Window. This means that by default, your mobile viewers will now get the exact same experience as your desktop viewers. We know that your Readers will love the familiarity and features of the desktop version on their mobile devices. If preferred - we also offer a "smart" mobile version which is accessible to Readers via the smartphone icon in the lower toolbar of the Viewer Window. Using this "smart" mobile option CiL software automatically detects the users mobile device and serves up the right version based on the Reader's phone and OS (iPhone users for example see a custom iPhone viewer). The mobile detect code is built into the standard CiL embed code you always use, so no additional coding is required.

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