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There has been a great deal of interest in our product around the world and we are continually working to make CoveritLive the best software available, no matter what language you use. Approximately 30% of our users work in languages other than English. Below is additional information on using multi-languages during an event:

Commentary: Currently, writers can use the software with any character sets including all Asian and Arabic languages. Your readers will view your commentary in whatever language you choose to write in.

In addition Readers can click the instant translate icon (found in the event toolbar) and choose to translate the live event text into any one of 16 other languages. After they select a language the live event commentary and the Viewer Window labels are instantly translated for them. Any new comments will also be instantly translated in their Viewer Window. This feature allows you to write your commentary in the language you prefer, while allowing worldwide readers the ability to follow along! Great feature for international events like the Olympics or World Cup.


The Viewer Window: The Viewer Window uses visual icons which can be understood by most international readers. In addition, by using a CoveritLive Viewer Window Template, Writers can select from our many display languages. When you select one of these display languages, the Viewer Window labels are translated by default into that language. For example if you are a Swedish newspaper, you could set all the Viewer Window labels (such as the buttons and text fields) to display in Swedish for your Swedish audience. To update your Viewer Window settings simply go to My Account > Templates & Settings, create a new template and select a 'Display Language' of your choice.

EventStudio: We have tried to make CoveritLive very simple to use and have incorporated visual icons wherever possible to reduce the barriers to use caused by language. Writers can write commentary in whatever language they choose (see Commentary above). Currently, however, the EventStudio interface (as well as CiL Classic Console) and the CoveritLive account options are only available in English.

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