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CoveritLive understands that mobile Readers make up a significant part of your online audience. As a result we've taken measures to to make sure your mobile Readers can easily watch and participate in your live event. In addition, we also know that you and event Producers often need to run a live event from their mobile device. That's why we provide a mobile version of EventStudio to make it easy to manage your live events from the field.

Can Readers participate in a live event from a mobile device?

Yes, Readers can seamlessly watch and participate in CoveritLive events from their mobile devices. Mobile readers, just like desktop readers, will be able to view the live event on your page. A full-screen mobile view (screenshot below) is also accessible to your Readers by clicking the Smartphone icon in the lower toolbar of the Viewer Window. (This icon appears when on a compatible device).

CoveritLive automatically detects the Reader's mobile browser and serves up the right version based on the Reader's phone and OS. The mobile detect code is built into the standard CiL embed code you always use, so no additional coding is required. If you have a responsive website or a mobile optimized website we recommend using the 100% width option available in the EventDesigner.

smartphone icon

Note: If you are using a Skin (such as Simple Skin) which has the footer hidden, then the SmartPhone icon will also be hidden by default. If required you could add a link above your Viewer Window directing readers to the SmartPhone version by adding /ipod=y to the end of the main URL for your event.

On my mobile site the Viewer Window appears cut off - what can I do?

Most likely the width of the iframe that controls the Viewer Window is wider than your mobile website. As a result a portion of the Viewer Window is being cut off on the right side. We recommend either editing this width property to make the window smaller when adding it to your mobile site, or using the responsive 100% width setting now available in the embed code designer. To learn more about this 100% width setting please see the section below on responsive design.

My site uses Responsive Design - any recommendations?

CoveritLive offers several ways for you to customize your event for responsive design.

100% Width: If you would like the width of your Viewer Window to automatically expand to take up 100% of the space available to it then we recommend turning 'ON' the 100% Width setting in the embed code designer. Enabling this option provides an updated version of the embed code that includes a parameter instructing the Viewer Window to automatically expand according to the container. This means that the Viewer Window would be able to automatically resize to appear wider on your website, and then resize as needed for your optimized mobile or tablet solution.

Infinite Height: If you would like your Viewer Window to automatically increase in height (as new content is added) then we recommend using the Infinite Height option. If enabled, the Viewer Window will continue to take up additional height as new posts are added (enabling infinite scroll). Please note that when you enable Infinite Height, Newest Entries at Top and Pinboard will also automatically be turned ON; as this allows for the best overall user experience.

I have additional mobile requirements - do you have an API?

Yes, if you are interested in an alternative implementation or custom interface for your events then we also offer a very robust API. Several of our users have built custom applications to call the CoveritLive API which allowed them to display their event data outside of the CiL Viewer Window and completely customize the mobile experience.

Can I run a live event from my mobile device?

Yes, all Writers and Producers using mobile devices can run live events directly from their phone. Ideal for on-the-scene coverage of breaking-news, conferences and sporting events.

Our new Mobile EventStudio gives users access to an optimized version of our powerful management console. This version is built to be mobile-friendly while still including access to all of EventStudio's advanced features including Prep Mode, Search, SmartStream, Media, Tools, Settings, and Scoreboards.

Want to try it out? Simply visit on your SmartPhone and the mobile version should display by default (alternatively a "mobile version" link is also available in the footer of each page). With full access to all the latest features, Mobile EventStudio is the best way to manage your live events when you don't have access to a computer.

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