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Twitter is a great way to get fresh, live content and commentary for your live events. Use Twitter with CoveritLive to add live commentary directly from journalists in the field, or to add relevant 3rd party analysis and opinions. Invite your Readers to add their voice to the story, or source Twitter images to help provide relevant context.

Choose to manually search for Twitter content using our robust Search filters, or select to automatically publish Twitter content to your event using our powerful Auto-Tweet feature. CoveritLive uses Twitter's real-time Streaming API, which provides faster, more reliable Twitter integration. Plus CoveritLive includes tons of easy to use Twitter tools to easily customize your content. All Tweets are published with proper attribution, a direct link to the source, and follow the required Twitter display guidelines.

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Twitter Overview

CoveritLive provides several ways for you to include Tweets, with as much or as little control as you wish. Choose to moderate your Twitter content or automatically publish Tweets. Select multiple Twitter filters and display options. Easily search and discover new Twitter content.Tweets that include photos or images work beautifully when used with a CoveritLive LiveContentWall for highly visual displays.

Twitter options include:

Twitter Tips

  • We recommend using caution if you are using a very popular hashtag or large list, as you want to ensure that the volume and quality of Tweets fits in with your event. Events which are populated with a Tweet every few seconds offer little value to the Reader.
  • The most successful events use Tweets sparingly and for a specific purpose. Filter through the Twitter noise by using a specific hashta, using the "must be verified account" filter, or try our unique Top Tweets filter to ensure general Twitter content is relevant and engaging to users.
  • If you are using your CoveritLive event primarily as a "Tweet catcher" we highly recommend setting your event up as a CoveriLive Ticker; which is designed to host permanent or long-term events. (Please Note: Standard events that run for several days at a time with a high volume of only Tweets may be auto-converted into a Ticker without prior notice)
  • Tweets that include photos or images work beautifully when used with a CoveritLive LiveContentWall for highly visual displays.
  • Tweets can take 5-60 seconds to publish (re: Twitter API functionality). As Twitter is a 3rd party, CoveritLive can not guarantee Twitter availability.


Twitter Search

Select a keyword or user to search and curate Twitter content in real-time.
Tag an item and its added to the Smart Stream for easy pre-approval.

new EventStudio: The Search feature let's you quickly find relevant and real-time Twitter content and commentary. Select the Search tab from the toolbar and then click the Twitter icon. You can choose to search by a search term or by user. Twitter search includes several filters and options, including:

  • Include or exclude ReTweets
  • Select if results must include an Image and/or Link
  • Filter results based on Languages
  • Set Display preference: All Results, Top Results, Recent Results
  • Filter results by Geo-Location

Geo-Location Filter

Twitter has become a vital news source during major events, but it's often challenging to cut through the noise and source unique and relevant content. While hashtags and keywords are helpful to congregate related Tweets, a Geo-location filter can be extremely valuable for surfacing key information from those in the immediate area. Think of the crucial influence of Tweets during the Turkish or Egyptian protests, and how important it was to gain insight from those sources on the ground. Tweets and photos from specific locations can give a much more accurate view and provide a whole new level of insight during a protest, severe weather event or breaking news.

EventStudio now includes a Geo-Location feature to easily filter your Twitter search results based on a location. Using a Google Map interface you can select a location anywhere in the world and apply a search radius to target your results. The search results returned will then include Tweets by users located within the specified location*. This is a powerful feature to allow journalists and brands to publish relevant location based results. It's also useful for monitoring location based breaking news trends on Twitter.

How to Use Geo-Locate:

  • From EventStudio click the Search tab and select the Twitter icon
  • Enter a Search Keyword and click the Map Pin icon to launch the Google interface
  • The map interface includes a Google Maps search box with auto-complete. Simply start to type in the location and auto-complete will suggest a list of the closest matches. Select a match and the map will pinpoint that location.
  • If needed drag the red map pin to change locations
  • Use the Zoom tool to zoom in or out as needed
  • Click on the white circle and hold + drag to increase or decrease the search radius
  • Click "Select Location" to view related Twitter search results

Event Studio - Tweet Search

* NOTE: Twitter only provides location information if the Twitter user has allowed their device or browser to transmit their coordinates. Twitter API first checks the user’s location data and uses that information if enabled. If disabled Twitter then checks the Twitter profile location. If neither information has been shared then the Tweet will not be Geo-tagged.


Want to quickly and easily publish trusted Twitter sources to your live event? Need to speak to your Twitter audience and incorporate your Tweets into your live event? Require additional moderation before publishing incoming Tweets? CoveritLive's Auto-Tweet feature makes it easy to do all of this and more. Add up to 24 Twitter users or lists; and up to 6 keywords or hashtags.

  • Automated Tweets: CoveritLive makes it easy to automate trusted Twitter feeds. When the moderate option is turned off, Tweets matching your search and filter criteria will automatically be published to your live event with proper Twitter attribution. You can set up your Automated Twitter options using EventStudio either before your event (using Prep Mode) or on the fly during your live event. (EventStudio gives you the most control with access to enhanced filters).
  • Moderated Tweets: Unmoderated content can quickly get out of control, so CiL provides a way to easily moderate your automated Tweets. When the moderate option is turned on, Tweets matching your search and filter criteria automatically appear in your SmartStream. This allows you to quickly review Tweets before publishing. You can also choose to tag Tweets to share them with your Producer or to save for later.

Setting up Auto-Tweet

To customize the automatic Twitter options from EventStudio click the "Automate" tab in the toolbar > and select the Twitter icon. Select the "People" or "Keyword" tab depending on your needs. Use the instant toggle options to set additional filtering and display options (including the ability to moderate or automatically publish the feed).

Auto-Tweet Settings

Event Studio - Tweet Search

Auto-Tweet Tips

  • Try "live tweeting" from the field; simply enter trusted Twitter accounts for instant updates.
  • Filter through the Twitter noise by using a specific hashtag, selecting the "Must be Verified Account" filter, or setting the Top Tweets filter.
  • Remember that the Twitter account must be public to appear (uncheck "protect my Tweets" in Twitter).
  • Automatic (unmoderated) Auto-Tweets will continue to publish during Standby Mode. This allows you to continue to automatically feed in trusted Twitter feeds to your live event, even when you are away from EventStudio.
  • Due to the real-time nature of Twitter, moderated Tweets only collect in your SmartStream while your EventStudio is open. If you have a moderated Tweet in your SmartStream that a fellow contributor can't see, simply tag it and it will become visible to all Writers and Producers.
  • When adding a Twitter list use this format "username/listname". For example: nytimes/nyt-journalists
  • If a Twitter list has more than 100 members. Only the newest 100 Twitter users of 640 members in the list will be followed.

Top-Tweets Filter

If you are using a popular search term we highly recommend using CoveritLive's unique 'Top Tweets' filter, as it keeps your Readers engaged by filtering through the Twitter noise. The Top Tweets filter makes it easy to include Tweets in your live event since it automatically provides only the most relevant and interesting content. The Top Tweets filter is available to all CiL users as an "Auto-Tweet" or Automatic Publishing option.

top tweets slider

How does it work? The display 'slider' controls which Tweets we add to your event. At it's left most or "All" position no filtering is performed, Tweets are added as they are received. As you move the slider rightward we progressively apply a unique real-time filtering algorithm to isolate the Top Tweets for your search term. Top Tweets are the most interesting and popular ones at the current moment in time. At its right most or "Top" position only the very most interesting Tweets will be included in your event.

For example if you are using the search term "Obama" and you set the Display slider to the right-most or "Top" position, only the most popular "Obama" related Tweets will show up in your event -- e.g. Tweets from @obama or from the most popular news sources, plus 'smart' or 'viral' Tweets that have been retweeted and are popular in the "Twittersphere".

instagram icon  Verified Tweets

Twitter is a great source for content and opinion, but it can also be hard to cut through the Twitter noise and verify trusted sources. Often Twitter accounts can look legitimate but are in fact not. To help users find trusted sources, CoveritLive now displays the verified Twitter account badge on all associated Tweets.Verification is currently used by Twitter to establish authenticity of identities of key individuals and brands and tends to identify trusted sources (learn more here). If the Twitter account is verified independently by Twitter then a Tweet published from that account will display the verified Tweet badge next to the user's name.

'Must be Verified Account' Filter: Users can filter Auto-Tweet results to only show Tweets published from Verified Twitter accounts. To use this filter select the "Automate" tab > click the Twitter icon > and select the 'Keywords' tab. Enter an appropriate keyword or hashtag and under 'Options' turn on the "Must be Verified Account" filter. Please note that if "Include ReTweets" is also turned on and a verified user retweets a non-verified user we allow the Tweet through, however the Tweet will NOT have an associated verified badge. If you want to limit content to only original verified Twitter accounts then we recommend also turning ReTweets off.

Verified Tweet

Post & Tweet

Need to speak to your event Readers and your Twitter audience at the same time? Post & Tweet let's you simultaneously publish content to your event and to your Twitter feed. All without ever leaving EventStudio.

Event Studio - Tweet Search


  • To use Post & Tweet you must first link your Twitter account.
  • Turn on Post & Tweet by sliding the slider (underneath the Post button) to "ON".
  • Type your comments in the comment box and click "Post & Tweet" to simultaneously publish to your live event and to Twitter.
  • Posts longer then 140 characters will automatically truncate for Twitter, but will publish in full to your event.
  • Images uploaded from the comment box or “Add Event Media” will also post to Twitter.

Linking your Twitter Account

CoveritLive uses Twitter's real-time streaming API in order to provide fast reliable Twitter integration. As of March 5th 2013, Twitter requires authorization for all API requests and as a result, CoveritLive users must now be logged into a Twitter account before using any Twitter-related features. Linking your Twitter account with CoveritLive logs you onto Twitter, which allows you to use Twitter functionality seamlessly within your live event.

  • Linking your Account let's Twitter know that you want access to the real-time Streaming API -- which means faster, more reliable Twitter content for your live events.
  • You can "link" or "unlink" your Twitter account at anytime from your My Profile page or during the event from within EventStudio.
  • "Linking" an account does NOT automatically show Tweets from that Twitter Account in your event. Linking a Twitter account is only required to "activate" the Twitter features. (Once linked you can use Auto-Tweet to pull in tweets from any Twitter user you specify, just as you always have - or use Post & Tweet to tweet out to Twitter).
  • More then one CiL user can link to the same Twitter account, so it's perfectly ok if you and your coworkers are linking to the same Twitter corporate account. (You will of course need the credentials to authorize access).
  • If the event owner links a Twitter account, Producers in the same event can immediately use the Auto-Tweet feature. The Twitter Search feature however must be activated individually (so your Producer will also need to link to a Twitter account to use this option). Producers can link their own individual Twitter accounts from their My Profile page, or during the event from within EventStudio.
  • If you don't have a Twitter account but want to use the CiL-Twitter functionality we recommend simply creating a Twitter account. You don't have to Tweet anything, or follow anyone; you just need an account.

Publicize your Events

By linking your account you can also choose to publicize your live events. If you activate this option then CoveritLive will publish a Tweet using your linked account every time you launch a new event. The Tweet will include the event title and a link to the event. This helps drive traffic to your event. If at anytime you wish to stop publicizing your events you can do so on the My Account > My Profile page. To turn this off for a single event only simply uncheck "Social Sharing" when creating your event.

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