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Recommended Requirements

The CiL Viewer Window (where your Readers view the event) is designed to work across multiple browsers and operating systems; so your Readers can always watch the event with ease.

When you are running an event using EventStudio, we recommend the following for optimal performance:

How Local Conditions can impact CoveritLive’s performance

CoveritLive is an efficient, well tested, web based application. It has been used for well over 100,000 events around the world from niche bloggers to major media organizations. Like every software platform we’ve had some bugs get out into the public domain and we take every support request very seriously, looking at ourselves first before ever suggesting an issue was caused by local conditions. However, below are some local conditions that can impact the performance of any piece of software, including our own:

  • The computer
  • The browser
  • The connection to the internet

You certainly don’t need pristine conditions to use CiL, but everyone’s personal computers crash/slow down a few times every week and we all typically dismiss this as normal. If takes 25 seconds to load one day, we accept this kind of event as a minor, but reasonable miss of our expectations. Unfortunately, when you run a live event with CoveritLive, even a ten second delay borders on unacceptable.

To eliminate or at least greatly reduce the chance that your local conditions will impact your CiL event, we suggest the following:

  1. Keep the number of browser windows open to a minimum as well as the number of other applications. Everything you do on a computer uses resources (bandwidth, memory, processor time) so if you don’t need it during your live event, turn it off.

  2. Ensure you have a reasonably good connection. Not perfect. Wireless is completely fine of course. CiL actually is always connecting/reconnecting in the background during your event so we’ll always do our best, even when you don’t see us working. However if the service you are on is going to disconnect you for a minute every hour or so this introduces issues when you want to publish content in real time.

  3. Use an up-to-date browser. EventStudio uses the latest technology including HTML5 to create the best event management experience. If you are using an older browser we highly recommend uprgading to the latest browser (not only will that allow you to use EventStudio but it also means a better, more secure experience on the web!). If you must use an older unsupported browser, then for now you can still use CoveritLive by launching the CiL Classic console. Click here for EventStudio Browser Requirements

  4. In your Console, "Tools > local Refresh" is always your best friend for 95% of the ‘weird’ issues. It just gives your Console a chance to reset without impacting your readers. For the 5-20 seconds it takes (usually it’s more like 3-4 seconds) pressing ‘Refresh’ is always a good first option.

  5. If you are mobile, use CoveritLive mobile or try the CiL iPhone App or Android App. You can still provide commentary by going to and logging in to your account. Although the full functionality of the software is not available in this format, it gets your audience the most important content; your commentary. Or as a failsafe, just attach your Twitter account to your event before you start and tweet your commentary as the connection goes in and out.



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