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This page contains information about the original CoveritLive Event Data and Listings Feeds. These feeds will continue to function and can be used for all legacy implementations. However if you are building a new application that intergrates with CoveritLive we strongly recommend using the new CoveritLive API (which includes the ability to pull data and event feeds, plus includes additional updates and improvements).


Event Feeds

CiL Event Feeds (available in XML and JSON) allow access to your raw CoveritLive event content and listings. Build a custom application to call the Event feed and use this content outside of the CiL Viewer Window in whatever format you choose. Store the resulting data on your own website, giving you enhanced SEO. Select which event items you want to appear and display the content however you want; design the interface for your specific website/ TV show/ mobile application, etc. Event Feeds are recommended for:

  • TV/ Channels/ Networks: Allows you to pull specific live event data (like polls and reader comments) and display it on television screens in a format that is consistent with your network/show. Allows you to integrate your online coverage with broadcast events.

  • Advanced Mobile Users: Users with Mobile versions of their websites who prefer NOT to use the existing CiL mobile Viewer Window. Specifically, some users have specialized requirements or simply want to get their content OUT of the CiL application and into their own mobile site. If you are creating a custom Mobile application, you may also be interested in using Event Feeds along with our Reader Comment API.

  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization: Event Feeds give you a simple way to feed all CiL event content into your own database, in order to get the best SEO solution possible. If you use the Event Feed in combination with Enterprise Accounts, administration over your content is very simple.

  • Enhanced Customization: Use the Event Feed data to build your own version of our Viewer Window or create a custom 'ticker' or 'flash widget' on your homepage with CiL event content or a listing of your current/upcoming live events. Allows you to design the Reader interface exactly as you want it, to work with your specific website.

  • Custom Social Applications: Since Event Feeds allow you to pull out event content and the Reader Comment API allows you to submit reader comments; they work well together for custom applications. Learn More


Technical Information:
Event Feeds allow you to request the event data by calling the event URL (e.g. with the parameters you require (use the parameters to append the query string, as outlined in the technical documentation). To verify the request for the Event data, a parameter must be encrypted with encoding and your secret key (Event Feeds come with an encryption code so that only authorized users can access their own content). The result of your request will be a structured Event file (XML or JSON) that consists of all the data elements you requested (notes outlining the specific elements are also supplied in the documentation). The application you create then uses these data elements as required, and allows you to display it in a style format specific to your needs.

Technical Documentation: Image Event Listing Feed  | Image Event Data Feed


Pulling Event Feeds for multiple users:

There are two ways to pull Event listings for multiple users in your organization:

  • Enterprise Account Level: If you are a member or administrator of an Enterprise (Subscription or Revenue Share) Account you can use your Account Key and Account code to retrieve listings and data Feeds for ALL live events run by all of your Enterprise Account members. The Account Key and Account Code are available on your APIs and Event Feeds page once Event Feeds are activated (on request). This is the recommended method for Enterprise users.

  • Group Level: If you are not an Enterprise Account member or you only want to pull Event Feeds for a particular group of users, we suggest using the Group Event option. To do so you must first set up a Group and add Group members. As an administrator of the Group this will allow you to use the Group Key and Group code to request the Event Feeds for ALL live events run by ALL of your Group members. Please note that when a Group member builds a new event the "Publish in my Group" option is activated by default. However Members do have the option to uncheck this option on an event by event basis (they can also uncheck by individual Group name). When this is unchecked the event will not be included in the Event feed (useful if a Member wants to run a private or test event, or belongs to multiple groups). In order to take advantage of Groups please make sure anyone who is running an event (that you want the Event feed for) is a member of your Group. Learn more about Group Publishing Options.

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