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Custom Skins

Custom Skins offer clients a highly customized Viewer Window (Stream) design built by a CoveritLive designer. This option is recommended for Custom Plan clients who have specific design requirements for their live events. Skins work together with our Viewer Window Templates to provide a fully customized event experience. Your Custom Skin can be shared with all of your Enterprise Account or Group members.

Custom skins are available for an additional fee. For a no cost solution, we recommend Global Skins.

Requesting a Custom Skin

Custom Skins are currently available only to Custom Plan users and are a paid CiL feature. (For Viewer Window branding options available to all CiL users please see Templates.)

To request a Skin for your CoveritLive event please tell us your design needs by filling out the request form below and/or by sending us a mock-up of your Viewer Window design. A CoveritLive designer will then build you a custom Viewer Window Skin that you can use for any of your CiL events. CoveritLive will do its best to match any design mock-ups or direction you provide. Once built, your custom Skin will appear as an option available on your Templates & Settings page. For general Skin inquiries please contact Customer Service.

Please Note: Skin customization only includes the ability to visually style elements in your Viewer Window. It does NOT include feature requests or functionality changes.

Image Download the Custom Skin Request Form

Image Download the Title Page Customization Guide

Custom Skin Examples

Below are a few examples of Custom Skins created for our clients. They showcase the wide range of branding options. Please click images for full-size mock-up.



skin example


skin example


Applying a Skin with EventDesigner

You can now use the EventDesigner (available when you build your event) to select any Global or Custom Skin. Simply select the skin from the "Skin" dropdown list. The generated embed code is automatically updated. Please note that this option only works with the new Embed Code. To apply a Skin directly to a Template please see the information below.




Adding your Custom Skin to a Template

To use your custom Skin in an event you will first need to add your Skin to a Template.

  1. Login and go to My Account > Templates & Settings.
  2. Select "Add New..." from the "Template" drop down list. (Do NOT select an existing Template).
  3. Give your new Template a unique Name (enter a name in the "Name" textbox).
  4. Select your custom Skin from the Skin dropdown list.
  5. If required; upload a custom Main Image (such as your logo). This will appear on your event TitlePage.
  6. Customize any other options or settings required (such as the size of the Viewer Window).
  7. Save your Template. Once saved you can use the "Preview" option to preview your Skin.
  8. To share the Template with other Account or Group Members check the “Share” box under “Distribution”.
  9. To use this Skin in an event, simply select this new Template when building your next live event.

set up image

For additional Skin inquiries please contact Customer Service

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