ESPN:  ESPN is a leading multinational, multimedia sports entertainment company featuring a broad portfolio of multimedia sports assets with over 50 business entities. ESPN serves up hundreds of live sporting events, and all the stats, chats, and real-time engagement their fans can handle.

Why they use CoveritLive:

ESPN needs a stable, secure and scalable live event solution that works for all of their sports assets, and CoveritLive delivers.

Favorite CoveritLive Event:

Tourney Live: March Madness Chat - Throughout each day of the 2011 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship, ESPN hosted a live event featuring exclusive real-time commentary from basketball writers and analysts. Scores of fans participated in the chat as Cinderella team’s prevailed and perennial powers fell.

What makes a great event:

If we can offer a seamless live experience with multiple panelists plus all the additional content like stats, polls, pics and podcasts without running into scalability or security issues… it’s a win for us and it’s a win for the fans.

Features they Love:

It all comes down to scalability. With thousands of readers sending in thousands of questions to be managed by multiple writers, ESPN can count on CoveritLive as a fully scalable and secure product – and it works on the mobile site, ensuring that viewers can tune in from anywhere.

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