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This page contains information about the original "Reader Comment API". This API will continue to function and can be used for all legacy implementations. However if you are building a new application that intergrates with CoveritLive we strongly recommend using the new CoveritLive API (which includes the ability to auto-submit event comments, plus includes additional updates and improvements).


Reader Comment API

Reader Comment API allows you to connect your own chat application with the CoveritLive console. Once set up, your readers will be able to submit comments from external chat rooms or mobile applications. The comments will appear directly in your console where you can choose to publish them in your live event.

Event Feeds (XML/ JSON) allow you to pull out event content and Reader Comment API allows you to submit reader comments; so they work well together for custom mobile or social applications. With Event feeds activated, your technical team would be able to use the Listing feed to get the event_code and then use this (according to the technical requirements) to feed in comments to your Enterprise Account events or Group events.

Using Event Feeds with Reader Comment API:

Flow Diagram


Technical Overview:
The Reader Comment API enables content publishers to feed comments and other event data into their CIL events. The API defines authorized means of providing content into a CoverItLive (CIL) event from an external data source - typically a custom application for doing so.

Technical Documentation: Image Reader Comment API  


Using Comment API with Accounts & Groups:

There are two ways to use the Reader Comment API with multiple users in your organization:

  • Enterprise Account Level: If you are a member or administrator of an Enterprise (Subscription or Revenue Share) Account you will use your Account Key and Account code for API encryption. The Account Key and Account Code are available on your APIs and Event Feeds page once the API has been activated (on request). This is the recommended method for Enterprise users. This method allows organizations to submit comments into ALL live events run by any of their Enterprise Account members.

  • Group Level: If you are not an Enterprise Account member, you must belong to a Group to use this API. If you do not already belong to a Group please first set up a Group before requesting access. Once set up this will allow you to use the Group Key and Group code for API encryption (available on your APIs and Event Feeds page). This method allows organizations to submit comments into ALL live events run by any of their Group members.

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