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Managing an Enterprise Account

The Enterprise toolkit is available to all Enterprise Account Administrators, and allows you to:

  • Manage your Subscription Enterprise Account plan
  • View usage statistics for all CiL users in your Enterprise Account
  • Manage member accounts through a Super User Login
  • Share Templates and Custom Skins
  • Access member's accounts and events as a Super User
  • View invoices from the 'Invoices' page (Administrators on Subscription plans only)

Enterprise Accounts

An Enterprise account is a collection of users belonging to the same organization that share the same Enterprise account Pricing plan, and are managed by an Enterprise Account Administrator.

If you are an Enterprise Account Administrator you can manage your account from My Account > Enterprise Account. The self-serve tools allow Enterprise Administrators to invite new members, login as any member, remove current members and assign Admin status.

If you're an Enterprise Account Administrator on a monthly Subscription plan then you can also view all Account invoices, billing details and click limits from your Account > Invoices page. In addition all Enterprise Administrators will receive email notifications regarding billing, invoices and plan changes. (Enterprise Administrator's can update their email address on file from the My Profile page).

Enterprise Statistics

Enterprise statistics offers detailed tracking and visibility across your organization. Easily view event Stats and event details for all account members to see what is working well and how your readers are responding. This is a key benefit for a blogging network or any news organization for aggregating data for your live event coverage. If you are an Enterprise administrator you can view your Enterprise stats from My Account > View Stats (select "Enterprise Account" from the 'View Stats For' dropdown menu).


Share Templates & Skins

CoveritLive recognizes that branding is an important aspect of any business, particularly for large media organizations. To ensure a consistent event brand strategy the Enterprise Account toolkit allows you to create and share multiple branded event Templates with other Account members.

For a fully customized event experience, Custom Skins offer clients a highly customized Viewer Window design.

Access member's accounts and events as a Super User

You can access the events and accounts of your members using CoveritLive's Super User functionality.

Access Events

  • Access CoveritLive as an Enterprise Account Administrator
  • Open one of the event listings pages - Live, Completed, or Upcoming
  • Above the event listings you will see the Show drop down. Use this to control which events are listed - your own, all from the Enterprise Account, or an individual users.
  • The listings will update with events matching your filter. You can perform all actions on these events, including: launching or joining them, editing settings, and changing publishing settings.

Access Accounts

  • Access CoveritLive as an Enterprise Account Administrator
  • Open the Enterprise Account page (left menu)
  • Select a user and click the Super User Login icon
  • You will be logged out of your account and automatically logged in as the selected user. You will see an alert indicating you are accessing the system as a Super User. At this point you can perform any action as if you were the user.

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