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Users can create Groups in order to organize and administer a collection of CiL users. Groups are a key administrative benefit to our larger media organizations as CiL continues to become a larger part of their core reporting.

Some organizations will create different Groups for sports, politics and breaking news. Blog networks with hundreds or thousands of users can create large Groups and use a CoverPage to aggregate all the live events from their users in one place. Some media organizations are using Groups to create citizen journalism pages where they allow select readers to run their live events for them.

When you create a Group it allows you to:

Getting Started with Groups:

Creating a Group

Users can create as many Groups as they like, and can easily invite both current and new CiL users as members. The user who creates a Group will become the Group administrator. There is only one Group administrator allowed per Group. Only the Group administrator can add/invite members, view detailed Group Stats and create an (optional) Group CoverPage.

Getting Started

Creating a Group

  • Add a new Group by selecting "Add New", and entering a name. You may choose to also add a "Live Now" logo (appears on the Live Listings page next to all Group events).

  • Save your Group, by clicking “Save”. You must save your new Group before you can add Group Members.

  • Invite New Members by entering their CiL username or an email address, and then clicking “Send Invite”. Add additional members to your Group as needed. If the invited user does not yet have a CiL user account they will be instructed how to create one. *IMPORTANT*: Users must accept your invite before they will be added to the Group. If you think the invite may end up in their spam folder it may be a good idea to follow up.

  • Add from Enterprise: If you are an Enterprise Account Adminstrator you can easily add members to your Group by simply selecting them from the "Add from Enterprise" option provided. Members added using this method will receive an email with Group notification, but approval from the member is not required (members will be added to the Group immediately).

  • Adding Multiple Members: Repeat the steps above to add or invite as many Group members as you would like. There is no limit to the number of members that can join.

  • Adding Multiple Groups: Repeat the steps above to create as many Groups as you need. Some organizations will create different Groups for sports, politics and breaking news.

Managing Groups

  • Delete a Member: To delete a current Group member select the member from the Invited Member list and click the image icon.

  • Delete a Group: To delete a current Group select the Group from the Groups list and select Delete. If you choose to delete a Group, events will no longer be associated with this Group and all Members will be removed from the Group. *WARNING:* If there are any CoverPages associated with the Group then they will also be permanently deleted.

Publishing Events to a Group

Only events that are "published" to a specific Group will appear as part of that Group. Publishing your event to the Group will include your event as part of the Group Stats, any Group CoverPages and Group API/XML feeds.

Default Settings

To ensure that publishing is easy to manage, all Group's include default publish settings. When you create a new Group all of your Group Member's future Upcoming, Live and Completed events will automatically be included by default. Any events that existed before the Group was created will NOT be included by default. As a result when you first create a Group it may not yet have any associated events (until a new event is created by a Group Member). This can be fixed by manually updating the publish options associated with specific events (for example, you could choose a few popular Completed events and publish those to the Group). You can also always choose to exclude specific events from publishing to a Group if required (see Manual Publish Options below).

NOTE: Group defaults can be managed from the My Account > Groups page (for Group Admins) or from your My Account > My Profile page under Group Status (for Group Members). You can set default publishing for each Group that you belong to, to ensure that all of your own events are automatically published to a specific Group.

Manual Publish Options

The ability to publish an event to a Group can be changed on an event-by-event basis by the event owner. These options are listed under "Publish Options" for each event. "Publish Options" can be managed when editing the details for a Live or Upcoming event, or by selecting an event from your Listings and clicking the "Publish Options" icon publish. If you want to include an event as part of a Group make sure that the name of the associated Group is selected under "Publish Options". To exclude a specific event from your Group simply de-select the Group name under "Publish Options".

Tip: To avoid having personal "Test" events appear as part of the Group we highly recommend using the Practice Session tool for all testing, rather than running a real "test" event.

My Account > Listings > Publish Options


FAQ's for Group Members

How does membership affect my Events?

As a Group member you will now be able to publish your events to the Group. This allows your events to appear as part of Group Stats (available to the Group Admin), Group CoverPages (as built by the Group Admin) and Group API/XML feeds. In addition you will have access to any shared Group Templates and can share Templates with other Group members.

Please Note: When you create a new event by default it will be published to the Group. However as the event owner you can always change this option on an event-by-event basis (learn more about publishing events to a Group). Group defaults can be managed from your My Account > My Profile page under Group Status. You can set default publishing for each Group that you belong to, to ensure that all of your own events are automatically published to a specific Group.

How do I accept or decline my Group invite?

If you received a Group invite follow the directions below to accept or decline:

  1. Go to your Group Status section of your Extras > Groups page.
  2. Click the "Invitations" tab on your Status panel and locate the Group Name.
  3. Choose "accept" or "decline" from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click 'Save'.

How do I remove myself from a Group?

You may apply to remove yourself from a Group by clicking the image icon (next to the Group name), but your removal request must be approved by the Group's Administrator. If removed, your events will no longer be associated with this Group and you will no longer have access to any shared Group Templates.

My Account > My Profile > Group Status


Group Statistics

CoveritLive event statistics allow users great insight into their audiences. As a Group administrator you can view stats for all events in your Group, and easily filter results. You can also download a CSV file of your Group stats for external use. To view detailed stats for your Group events, go to My Account > Event Stats and select "Group Events" from the "View Stats For" dropdown menu.

My Account > Groups > Events & Stats


Share Templates

Viewer Window Templates allow you to add custom branding and control the size and display options of the Viewer Window. This is a great feature for adding your company logo or branding to your live event. Once you set up a Group, you can share templates with other Group members. Any Group member can choose to share a template with another Group member. Only the template owner can edit the template; but any member can use if for their event. This feature is helpful if you want to ensure that all of your live events have a consistent branded look.

To share a template, first select your template from the "Template & Settings" page. Next under "Distribution" check the share checkbox next to your Group name. After you save your changes the template will be available to all of your Group Members (the template will appear in their template drop down menu where they can select to use it for their live event).

My Account > Templates & Settings

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