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CoveritLive iPhone App

Download your FREE copy of the CiL iPhone App from the iTunes store.

A long time ago, we made sure that all of your readers who used iPhones to watch your events had a great experience. Nothing has changed there, as CiL software automatically detects when an iPhone hits your webpage and serves up the right version. The advancement the new CiL iPhone App offers is exclusively for Writers running events. The App let’s you run live events and instantly publish commentary, tweets and multimedia directly to your CoveritLive event. Ideal for on-the-scene coverage of breaking-news, conferences and sporting events.

CiL Writers can use the iPhone App to instantly:

  • Create, launch and run live events
  • Publish live commentary
  • Approve and moderate Reader comments
  • Publish Photos, Audio and Video in real-time
  • Integrate Twitter: Post and manage tweets/feeds
  • Share event link and embed code
  • Place events into Standby Mode
  • End live events
  • View live event listings

Additional App Features (V.1.6):

  • Private Messaging: Talk to other Panelists behind the scenes without leaving your event.

  • Shake to Live Edit: Make a mistake? Shake the device to make your changes instantly.

  • Photo Captions: Add captions to your uploaded Photos.

  • Offline Mode: Posts will now autosave while offline and publish automatically when a connection is re-established. This is a great feature for journalists working in-the-field or those on spotty connections.

  • Background Processing: Continue to post entries while large files (pictures and video) upload in the background. Includes the ability to monitor your pending posts.

  • Multi-Tasking: Easily switch to another iPhone App and back to your live event without missing a beat.

  • External Bluetooth keyboard support: Typing on your iPhone can sometimes be limiting. Now you can add a mobile keyboard for added productivity.

More Info: The CiL App requires you to have an existing CiL account. You can register for an account using our web-based or mobile version. Watch for additional features in future versions of the App!

Not using an iPhone? Learn more about our other mobile options.

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