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CoveritLive Tickers

The CoveritLive Ticker is designed to host permanent or long term live events. Tickers are an excellent way to display live "always on" content, such as breaking news coverage or for daily in-depth and ongoing commentary.

We recommend using Tickers as a permanent "editorial window" on your website; it allows you to display the most up-to-date information and to easily and immediately interact and engage your Readers in real-time.

When a story is breaking, use the CoveritLive Ticker to immediately feed in live images, video, commentary, and offer in-depth analysis. We believe this type of "always on" live commentary will become an integral part of online news coverage and can contribute a key part to your audience growth strategy.

To Build a Ticker: When creating a new event choose "Ticker" from the Event Type dropdown.

If you are not familiar with Tickers we highly recommend reading the information below prior to use.

Image Live Ticker Demo:
Features various automated Twitter news feeds.

Ticker Benefits

Tickers offer all of the interactive and advanced editorial features you have come to expect from CoveritLive. However Tickers are specifically designed to support ongoing live content and offer key administrative benefits:

  • Tickers never go into Standby Mode, nor do they automatically end. Tickers can continue indefinitely without any action on the Writer's behalf. Currently there is no limit to how long your Ticker can run for, making it an ideal solution for long-term coverage.

  • The Ticker embed code only needs placed on your website once, offering easy integration without requiring long term maintenance.

  • In order to support your ongoing coverage, Ticker settings can easily be edited after launch. To add additional contributors, simply edit your Panelist/Producer list and invite others to participate.

  • To support ongoing content management, custom Ticker tools allow you to quickly clear older entries from the Viewer Window and to instantly delete un-published Reader Comments from EventStudio (see "Ticker Tools" below).

  • Reader comments can be left "on" in a Ticker indefinitely, allowing you to easily collect comments during on-going coverage or in advance of a specific upcoming event. (Note: Tickers store up to a maximum of 2,500 unpublished Reader Comments).

Ticker Tools

These Ticker specific tools are available from EventStudio under the "Tools" tab.

  • Clear all Entries: If you are using your Ticker to cover daily events or different topics, the "Clear all Entries" option provides a quick and easy way to delete older non-relevant entries. This feature will delete all published entries from the Viewer Window and Writer's Console (both will be blank until a Writer/Producer provides new content). Please note that once clicked, this action can NOT be undone.

  • Clear all Reader Comments: This feature is helpful for continuous event maintenance, as it provides any easy method to clear older non-relevant comments. For example if you are using a Ticker for a daily Q&A session then you can clear the comments after each session, to collect new comments based on your next topic. This action will delete all unpublished Reader comments from EventStudio (with the exception of Tagged Comments). It will NOT impact any published posts that already appear in the live event. Please note that this action can NOT be undone.

Important Usage Information

Ticker's differ from a standard CoveritLive event in several ways. Before using a Ticker please read the information below.

  • Additional Entries: Since Tickers are designed to be permanent windows, they only save the most current 1,500 entries. If you would like to archive all of the Ticker entries we recommend setting up an API feed and pulling out the posts into a permanent record via a 3rd party application.

  • Stats: Please note that duration and concurrency data is not available for CoveritLive Tickers. If detailed Reader stats are key for your organization we recommend running a standard CoveritLive event.

  • Replays: When you permanently end a Ticker the final 1,500 entries will be transformed into an Instant Replay.

  • Polls: In Tickers all polls will automatically end after 48 hours from the time they were launched. Once ended the results will appear in the event stream (just as they do when you manually end a poll or an event).

  • CiL Listings:Tickers do not appear in the CoveritLive search "Live Now" listings (this option is not available for Tickers).

  • API Integration: Tickers work the same way with the CoveritLive API options as standard events; allowing you to easily auto-publish 3rd party content and comments and integrate with mobile or 3rd party applications.

  • Termination: Tickers that have not been accessed by you or your audience, for a period of 60 days, will be completed and the content will be available as an Instant Replay.

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