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Repeat an Event

The “Repeat Event” feature allows you to easily transfer your settings from a completed event to a new event. Settings selected are based on the final event state (when the original event was ended). These settings can be edited prior to launch, allowing you to easily import your event settings and then customize them as required. This is a great feature for daily or reoccurring events.

To Repeat an Event:
Select any Event or Ticker from your Completed listings and click the "Repeat Event" magic wand icon. This will create a new unique Live Event or Ticker auto populated with your settings.

Additional Information:

  • The settings imported are based upon the final state of your original event. Therefore if a specific setting was updated EventStudio during or at the end of your original event, then this is how the setting will appear in the new event. As a result, although the Template is also imported into the new event, the original final settings will over ride the Template settings (if applicable).

  • Each new event is unique and has a new embed code and event code. For ongoing of permanent events we recommend using Tickers. To organize all your events in one place we recommend using Group Homepages.

  • All EventDesigner settings are transferred when you repeat an event. In addition the following settings ARE transferred: Template and Skin styling and images, Event Title, Event Time, Event Time Zone, Title Page, Reader Login Options, Twitter Feeds, MetaData Information, Display Options, Social Search option, Allow RSS, Writer Avatars.

  • The following options are NOT transferred: Commentary/Posts, Polls, Scoreboards and Newsflashes.

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