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Title Page Options

The Viewer Window includes an optional Title Page (also referred to as a "Veil"). When turned 'On' the Title Page displays your event title, event status, and main image. Since Readers must click the Title Page in order to view and participate in your live event, this also allows CoveritLive to actively record live readership statistics for your event. Customizing your Title Page with custom branding is a great way to advertise your event and attract Readers. If you want Readers to directly view your event content without a Title Page, then can also select to turn your Title Page off (by default Title Pages are turned off).

Customizing a Title Page:

Templates allow you to add custom branding to the event Title Page by uploading a graphic or logo ("main image") and selecting from seven different background colors. When you are ready to begin building a custom template, please go to My Account > Templates & Settings and follow the instructions provided.

If you require additional Title Page customization CoveritLive also offers Custom Skins. Custom Skins allow you to completely customize the Title Page graphics, font and colors to match your website or corporate branding.

Example of Custom Title Pages


Example of Title Page (Upcoming Mode / Live Mode / Replay Mode)


Turning a Title Page On or Off:

By default all Title Pages are now turned off and will no longer appear in Live, Standby or Replay mode. Users can choose to customize the Title Page at the embed code or Template level. You can turn ON or OFF your TitlePage for any event by setting the TitlePage option in the EventDesigner when you build or edit your event. When the Title Page is turned 'Off', all event posts and new updates will automatically display without requiring Readers' to interact with the Viewer Window. When the Title Page is turned 'On', Readers must first click the Title Page to view the event content.

Please note that turning off your Title Page will affect the way "clicks" are recorded for your event. For events without a Title Page, a click would be counted the first time a Reader interacts with the event in some way (e.g. submits a reader comment, votes in a Poll, scrolls through content) OR if the Reader is engaged with the event page for an extended period (one minute or more). Learn More

Important: The Title Page will always appear for Upcoming Event mode (this is only visible to Readers if you post your embed code prior to event launch). If you activate Reader Login Options and select "Reader's must Login to View" then the Title Page will also appear regardless of your Title Page settings.

  • Embed Code Setting: By default the Title Page is disabled at the Embed Code level, allowing your Readers to directly view your event content. To turn the Title Page On for that event instance simply slide the slider to "On". If you are syndicating your event you can choose to customize this setting for each display instance of the event (e.g. your event on the homepage could have the Title Page on, while the same event displayed on an internal page could have this Title Page set to off).
  • Template Setting: If you routinely want to build events without a Title Page we recommend setting this option in a custom Template. From My Account > Template & Settings select your Template and set the "Title Page "option to "off" or "on". When you select this Template for your event the Title Page will use this setting by default. This can be overridden at the embed code level if needed.

Example of a Ticker with the Title Page Off

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