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Submitting Comments by Email

CoveritLive allows users to submit comments to a live event via email. For Contributors this is an excellent feature to quickly publish commentary, images or videos while reporting on-location. For Readers, this is a great way to collect pre-event questions or additional audience feedback. Learn more about each of these features below:

Contributor Comments

By simply sending an email, CiL users can quickly and easily publish commentary or multimedia to their event while reporting live from the field. Writers, Panelists and Producers are provided with a unique "Contributor Email Address" to email content (comments, photos, audio and video) directly into the live event. Submitted comments will appear directly in the event without any moderation required.

Reporting on location? You may also be interested in the CoveritLive Mobile EventStudio.

Usage Tips:

  • All invited Panelists and Producers receive the unique Contributor email address in their Panelist/Producer invitation. The "Contributor Email Address" is also available from the event build page, and in the Console Tools tab.

  • Emails must be sent from a Writers/Panelist/Producers approved email address. What does this mean exactly? The Writer's email address is considered to be the official email address that is associated with your CiL account (see your "My Account > My Profile" page). For Panelist/Producers, the approved email address is the email address where the Panelist/Producer invite email is sent. Emails sent from an unapproved email address will be treated like a Reader comment and will be moderated.

  • Contributors must include the tag <end> at the end of their email comment. Emails without this tag are discarded. This ensures that extra email text such as signatures are not submitted to the event as a comment.

  • If your event is in Standby Mode when the comment is sent, the comment will still be added to an event and this will immediately take the event out of Standby Mode.

  • Contributors can send text, photos/images, audio and video files via email, up to a maximum 5MB file size limit. To send a multimedia file simply attach the file to your email. Don't forget to include the tag even if you aren't sending a comment with the file.

Reader Comments via Email

Live event Readers now have the option to submit comments and images via email. All submitted items will appear in the SmartStream in EventStudio where they can be moderated, previewed and published at your discretion.

This option is available from EventStudio under the "Settings" tab. To enable turn ON "Enable Reader Comments". Once turned ON a unique email address will appear for you to copy and share as needed. Readers can use this unique email address to submit comments and images via email.

If you want to share the email with your event Readers: You will need to let your Readers know the unique email address to use. CoveritLive no longers displays the email address in the event by default. We recommend posting the custom email address along with instructions as a Pinned Post or in a Newsflash. Here is an example message you might want to use:

"Comment via Email. We invite you to email your comments and images to: [INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS HERE].Please end your comment with the tag: <end>. Emails without this tag are discarded."

Important Tips:

  • Readers must include the tag <end> at the end of their email comment. Emails without this tag are discarded. This ensures that extra email text such as signatures are not submitted to the event as a comment.

  • To differentiate comments submitted by email from regular reader comments, email comments appear in your Console moderation tab with a blue background.

  • Email comments from Readers include the Reader's email address; so that you may reply back to the user by email if required.

  • Email comments may include image attachments. Writers/Producers always have a chance to preview any images before publishing.

  • Reader comments sent via email are are published with a default email avatar icon.

  • In addition to being a another useful way for people to participate in the event, this feature also provides an easy way to collect reader comments before an event begins. To do so, we recommend launching your event and adding a comment that - i) indicates when the event "officially" begins (e.g. when your Writer will be online and activaely adding commentary), and - ii) invites Readers to comment via the unique email address. If your event is in Standby Mode, any Reader Comment received by email during this time will be archived. Once you launch EventStudio those comments will be available in the "Recent Comments" moderation tab where you can choose to publish them at your discretion.

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