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Global Skins

All CoveritLive users have access to three Global Skins: Simple Skin, Clean Skin and Tech Skin. These Skins are available at no cost as an alternative to the default CoveritLive design. They provide a fresh new design for your live events. If you should require a completely customized Viewer Window, Custom Skins are available to Enterprise clients for an additional fee.

Global Skin Tips

Global Skin - Demos

Currently CoveritLive offers three free Global Skins:

Clean Skin Demo

Tech Skin Demo

Simple Skin Demo


Applying a Skin with EventDesigner

You can now use the EventDesigner (available when you build your event) to select any Global or Custom Skin. Simply select the skin from the "Skin" dropdown list. The generated embed code is automatically updated. Please note that this option only works with the new Embed Code. To apply a Skin directly to a Template please see the information below.


Adding a Global Skin to a Template:

Adding your Skin to a Template allows you to set it as the default design, and makes it easy to share it with other Account Members.

  1. Login and go to My Account > Templates & Settings.
  2. Create a NEW Template by selecting, "Add New..." from the "Template" drop down list.
  3. Give your new Template a unique name (enter a name in the "Name" textbox).
  4. Select a Skin from the Skin dropdown list.
  5. Upload a "Main image" (sized to 380x150px). This will appear on your event TitlePage.
  6. Customize any other options or settings required (such as the size of the Viewer Window).
  7. Save your Template. Once saved you can use the "Preview" option to preview your Skin.
  8. To share the Template with other Account or Group Members check the “Share” box under “Distribution”.
  9. To use this Skin in an event, simply select this new Template when building your next live event.

set up image

Simple Skin - Usage Notes

All CoveritLive users have access to "Simple Skin". The Simple Skin was designed to present event commentary using a very simple and 'blog' inspired design. Due to the design of the Simple Skin, the following recommendations apply:

  • The Footer is hidden in Simple Skin, as a result users can not access the Reader's Tools. As the Writer you can select Viewer Window settings like system sound and auto scroll as part of the Template, on behalf of your Readers. Please do not use Simple Skin if you require the Reader translation tool.

  • The Writer can turn Reader comments on/off from the Writer's Console. Please note that the message to notify readers that commenting has been turned off will not appear because the Status Bar is hidden.

  • We do not recommend using the Simple Skin when selecting "Readers must login to comment" as a Reader Login option. Readers will not be able to login when this option is selected because we have hidden the Status Bar. Other variations (must login to view / do not have to login to comment/ optional to login to comment) do still work properly and can be used.

  • For Reader comments a default avatar (question bubble) will appear. This avatar will be overridden by Reader Login avatars. Tweets do not have a default avatar so normal avatar conditions apply.

For additional Skin inquiries please contact Customer Service

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