The Request

This method provides a list of templates that are available to the user. Templates allow control over the size, settings and appearance of the viewer window. The template ids returned by this method can then be used in the event/create API method to set the template for the event viewer window.

Response Format:
HTTP Method(s):
API Rate Limited:
The template/list method does not include any additional parameters part from those listed in the Request Parameters section.

The Response

The template listing data is returned in the data field of a general response. This field will consist of an array of template objects.

Template objects have the following fields:

Field Name Field Value(s) Explanation
template_id {string} The ID of the template. Can be used in event/create requests to specify the template that the event should use.
template_name {string} The title of the template, as entered by the user when the template was created

Example response to a successful template/list request:

            "template_name":"Custom Template",
            "template_name":"CoveritLive Standard",

template/list Error Responses

The template/list method has no specific error response. Refer to the common error responses


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