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CoveritLive API

The powerful CoveritLive API allows users to customize and integrate with their CoveritLive events. Use the API to integrate with your own events, as well as any events belonging to your Enterprise Account or Group. The API enables users to:

  • Retrieve Event Data: Easily access a listing of your CoveritLive Events, and the raw data items that make up each individual event. Accessible event data includes published Writer comments, Reader comments, audio, video, images, Newsflashes and Polls. Build a custom application to call the CoveritLive API and display the event data outside of the CiL Viewer Window; this allows users to build customized interfaces for websites / TV shows / mobile applications, etc.
    (Use Cases)

  • Publish Event Data: Post 3rd party content directly into a CoveritLive event, or into the SmartStream. Content from any source, including text and multimedia, can be easily published into a live event through the API. (Use Cases)

  • Submit Event Comments: Aggregate comments from any 3rd party source and submit them into a CoveritLive Event using the API. Once submitted, the comments will appear directly in EventStudio, where they can be moderated by the event Writer/Producer. This allows integration of external chat applications into a CoveritLive event. (Use Cases)


Getting Started: To get started using the CoveritLive API login to your CoveritLive account and go to My Account > Extras > API's --> this page provides the API Access Information unique to your user and/or Enterprise account; developers will require this information in order to integrate with the API.

Technical Documention: Please refer to the CoveritLive API Technical Documentation for proper usage information and full implementation details.

Does your CiL plan support your intended usage? API calls can count as 10x the number of clicks on your usage plan, regardless of the API call type. For example, if your plan has 500 clicks, you also get up to 5,000 API calls. Please ensure your API usage does not exceed your account's CoveritLive plan or your access may be cut off. If your company has an Enterprise Account please use this account to set up your API (using a free CiL Trial account is not recommended for ongoing API usage).



Retrieve Event Data

As a CoveritLive user, you can use the CoveritLive API to access your raw event content and listings. Build a custom application to call the API feed and use this content outside of the CiL Viewer Window in whatever format you choose. Store the resulting data on your own website, giving you enhanced SEO. Select which event items you want to appear and display the content however you want; design the interface for your specific website/ TV show/ mobile application, etc. Recommended for:

  • TV/ Channels/ Networks: Allows you to pull specific live event data (like polls and reader comments) and display it on television screens in a format that is consistent with your network/show. Allows you to integrate your online coverage with broadcast events.

  • Advanced Mobile Users: Users with Mobile versions of their websites who prefer NOT to use the existing CiL mobile Viewer Window. Specifically, some users have specialized requirements or simply want to get their content OUT of the CiL application and into their own mobile site. If you are creating a custom Mobile application, the API also allows you to auto-publish 3rd party content.

  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization: The API event feeds give you a simple way to feed all CiL event content into your own database, in order to get the best SEO solution possible. If you use the API event feed in combination with Enterprise Accounts, administration over your content is very simple.

  • Enhanced Customization: Use the API event feed data to build your own version of our Viewer Window or create a custom 'ticker' or 'flash widget' on your homepage with CiL event content or a listing of your current/upcoming live events. Allows you to design the Reader interface exactly as you want it, to work with your specific website.

  • Custom Social Applications: Since the CoveritLive API allows you to pull out event content AND easily auto-publish 3rd party content directly into your event; it's a great tool for building custom applications.

Publish Event Data

The API allows you to use the content/create method to auto-publish content directly into your live event from a custom application. Once set up you will be able to auto-publish content (including text and multimedia) from external sources such as 3rd party image or content management systems. Set it up once and let auto-publish do all the work during your event. This allows CoveritLive to be integrated with just about any application that can connect to the web.

NEW! You can now setup the API to insert 3rd party content directly into the SmartStream. This allows you to view and moderate your 3rd party content before publishing it. Items added to SmartStream through the API will be filterable in EventStudio with a new "Filter By" drop down (listed under "--- API Saved Text”). API inserted items can be tagged and published from the SmartStream the same as all other posts. Learn More

  • Images: Auto-publish images from any image database or web application. Instantly pull in a Flickr feed or photos directly from any photography database (see demo at right).

  • Play-by-Plays: Need to feature play-by-plays or publish player stats during major sporting events? The API allows you to easily integrate this content with your CoveritLive event, without requiring the writer to manually publish it throughout the event.

  • Breaking News: Automatically feed in breaking news content from your own database or an RSS feed. Providing severe weather coverage? Auto-Publish the latest meteorological data. Discussing the stock market? Auto-Publish the most recent stock updates. Feed any content into your event directly from your content management system.

  • Advertising: Publish your own advertising directly in the event. Program the ads to appear at specific intervals directly from a 3rd party source.
Image Demo: This Ticker features a Flickr image feed, posted via the API. (Trusted Tweets are added using Auto-Tweet).

Submit Event Comments

The CoveritLive API allows you to use the comment creation method to connect your own chat application with the CoveritLive console. Once set up, your readers will be able to submit comments from external chat rooms or mobile applications. The comments will appear directly in EventStudio where you can choose to publish them in your live event. Learn More

The API allows you to both pull out event content and submit reader comments; so they work well together for custom mobile or social applications. Using the event feeds via the API, your technical team would be able to use the event list method to get the event_code and then use this (according to the technical requirements) to feed in comments to your Enterprise Account events or Group events.


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