NOTE: newsflash/* methods are deprecated and will return HTTP Status Code 410 (Gone) when called. Please use pin/* methods instead to highlight featured content.

The Request

This method provides a list of newsflashes for an event. All relevant data for each newsflash is returned.

Response Format:
HTTP Method(s):
API Rate Limited:
In addition to the parameters listed in the Request Parameters section, the newsflash/list method also includes the following parameters:

Parameter Description Required
event_code The event code for the event for which newsflash data is being retreived. Each CiL event that is created is assigned a unique event code that identifies it in the database - The event owner can find this value after creating a new event, by selecting the "altcast_code" which is found in their Viewer Window embed code (e.g. the event code is "46e6cd22b5" in "altcast_code=46e6cd22b5"). This value is also returned by the event/list API method. yes

The Response

The newsflash listing data is returned in the data field of a general response. This field will consist of an array of newsflash objects.

Newsflash objects have the following fields:

Field Name Field Value(s) Explanation
newsflash_id {string} The ID of the newsflash. Can be used in further requests against a single newsflash.
status {string} One of: published, hidden. When a newsflash is first created, it is in a published state. It can be subsequently unpublished in the EventStudio, which would leave it in a hidden state.
headline {string} The headline of the newsflash.
body {string} The body text of the newsflash
published_timestamp {integer} The time that the newsflash was published, in seconds since the Unix Epoch. The timestamp is in GMT time.
modified_timestamp {integer} The last time that the newsflash was modified, in seconds since the Unix Epoch. The timestamp is in GMT time.

Example response to a successful newsflash/list request:

			"status" : "published",
			"headline":"YANH - Yet Another Newsflash Headline",
			"body":"Yet Another Newsflash Body. And it's not even neat.",
			"status" : "hidden",
			"headline":"A Newsflash Headline",
			"body":"Some newsflash body text ... body text of the newsflash",

newsflash/list Error Responses

The newsflash/list method has no specific error response. Refer to the common error responses.


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