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Statistics Calculations

CoveritLive event statistics are evolving. We have used Google Analytics for years, but given our direction to measure plans on "Clicks" we have moved to our own measurement infrastructure.

  • Google Analytics Samples: It is well known that Google Analytics uses sampling to generate data. That is fine for generic data like pageviews, unique visitors, etc. but when the data is required for billing purposes, we want the data to be exact.

  • Google Reporting Delays: Depending on the data and account, Google may take hours or even days to deliver data to their customers. We wanted our customers to have their data within minutes.

What are Clicks?

Traditionally, clicks are recorded when a user on a web page uses their mouse and clicks something on the page. We use a very similar definition to determine customer interaction with your events. When a event is shown to your readers, we record a pageview. When they click on the window in some manner to interact with your event; "clear the title page", "scroll content", "leave a comment", we record a "Click" against that event. Clicks indicate user interaction with your event and we felt that was an appropriate statistic to measure account activity against.

Statistics Transition

CoveritLive also wanted to ensure that there was a consistent transition to our new calculation model. You will see that the metric called "Readers", which we used prior to this release, is now replaced by "Live Clicks". Starting February 1, 2012, we started tracking this data. Prior to this date, your old "Readers" numbers will appear as "Live Clicks" for all your events. Your replay numbers will appear as "Replay Pageviews". Events started after February 1, 2012, will now see timeline data for pageviews and clicks.

Coveritlive has tracked detailed data about customers events for years. New in this release, we have harvested some of the important statistics customers have requested and are now making that data available to you. Our detailed stats by event now looks like this!



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