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ChannelPages are a SEO optimized and customizable home for CoveritLive events. They're simple to get started, designed to be indexed by major search engines and include all of CoveritLive's great features. Currently ChannelPages are only available to Custom Subscription users.

Getting Started

Getting started with ChannelPages couldn't be easier. Contact Customer Support to request a setup package. This package contains instructions detailing how to perform the following two actions.

  • Map a subdomain of the user’s choice to CoveritLive's servers (ex. or
  • Create a standard HTML template which defines the appearance of the ChannelPage and where to place CoveritLive content.

ChannelPage Templates

A ChannelPage template is a standard HTML document which the user creates and hosts. This document reflects the way users would like their ChannelPage to appear. Within the document the user will place a special token that instructs the software where the CoveritLive content should appear and what size it should be. CoveritLive will crawl this template several times daily, so any updates made will automatically be reflected on the ChannelPage.

In addition to the primary ChannelPage template, the user can also define a development template. This works the same way, but is intended to be a testing ground for changes prior to public rollout. The development template will allow the user to view all the same CoveritLive content in a non-public setting.

ChannelPages Management

Once a ChannelPage has been configured any Enterprise Administrator in the account will be able to manage it. This includes selecting which events appear, updating the production and development template URLs and instructing CoveritLive to update its servers after making changes to the user’s templates. To access the ChannelPage Manager, login as an Enterprise Administrator and click ChannelPages in the left menu.

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