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Keep your production team happy with a platform that is truly flexible, feature-rich and easy to use. EventStudio is the powerful interface used to prep, run and manage all of your live events. EventStudio puts all your event tools and options at your fingertips, makes publishing, curation and moderation quick and easy, and gives you complete real-time control over your event content. Select a link below to learn more:

Try a Practice Session - An EventStudio practice session is a great way to try out all of the latest features without anyone watching. Try it Now!

Studio Overview

EventStudio is designed to make event management quick and easy. The streamlined interface and simplified workflow makes it a breeze to source content, add context and manage your live events. If you're new to EventStudio here's a brief intro to some of it's key features:


Publish & Share

  • Instantly publish live commentary and multimedia from multiple sources
  • Drag and drop items right from your computer or directly from a search source for easy sharing
  • Quickly add and manage photos, video, and media items from the onboard Media Library
  • Use Live Edit to instantly update or remove published content

Curate & Engage

Manage & Moderate

  • Robust moderation tools allow complete control over Reader Comments
  • Use SmartStream to instantly organize, filter, curate and moderate all your content
  • Use the Search tools and filter options to quickly find relevant Reader comments or other content
  • Enhanced collaboration tools empower your team to easily communicate & coordinate
  • View live data trends with easy access to real-time event statistics

Prep Mode

Prep Mode allows you to open EventStudio and access all features and settings before you launch your event. This is a great way to customize and prepare for your event in advance. Use Prep Mode to set up Twitter feeds, create Scoreboards or invite Panelists and Producers.

  • After building an event users will now be given two options: ‘Open Prep Mode’ or ‘Launch Event’. Prep Mode is available for any Upcoming Event or Ticker.
  • Clicking 'Open Prep Mode' will allow Writers and Producers to use EventStudio without launching the event. The event status will remain in “Upcoming Mode” until the event is manually launched. (For embedded Streams the title, date and time are displayed; notifying your readers of the upcoming event. For embedded Walls the event will not be visible at all until launched).
  • EventStudio will appear with a yellow background when in Prep Mode; and a blue background in Live Mode.
  • All EventStudio Settings and Tools are available in Prep Mode. For example you can now search for and tag social content, upload media items to your library, set up Twitter feeds, or build a Scoreboard.
  • We recommend tagging content to add to your SmartStream for easy publishing once your event is live.
  • Prep Mode also allows users to pre-publish content; great for users who want content to display immediately on launch. (Any published comments and post will appear in the Published Content area of EventStudio but will not be visible to Readers until the event is launched.)
  • Automated feeds, such as Auto-Tweet, can be set up in advance using Prep Mode but will not be activated until the event is launched. This ensures automated content is not published until event launch.
  • When you are ready to launch your event: You can launch any event directly from Prep Mode by clicking the 'Launch Event' link (available at top left or under the 'Tools' menu).

Prep Mode


SmartStream lets you review and organize all of your content from across multiple sources; before publishing. Moderated Reader comments, moderated Tweets and any "tagged" items automatically appear in your SmartStream, allowing you to quickly collaborate, filter, sort and publish content with ease.

  • To Publish an item - Mouseover the item in your SmartStream and click the (+) icon, or simply drag and drop the content item directly into your live event window. Once published the item will disappear from the SmartStream and instantly appear in your live event.
  • To Reply to an item - Mouseover the item in your SmartStream and click the Reply icon. A rich text editor will open allowing you to enter a a comment. When you are done, click the "Reply" button to publish. The reply is published to your live event along with the original item in real-time. Both items are threaded together visually in the Viewer Window, making it easy for your Readers to follow along. Learn more about Replies
  • Pause/Play allows you to pause the Stream when you have a high volume of incoming Reader comments or Tweets. When the stream is paused no new content will enter the stream, however a notification will appear at the top indicating the number of new items in the queue. i.e. "8 New Items". Click play to resume the stream and any new items will automatically be added to your SmartStream.
  • Tagging is useful for curating and organizing content prior to publishing. Writers and Producers can tag any item from their Media Library, from the Search area, or any item already in the SmartStream. To tag an item mouseover the item and then select one of the colour tags. The item will be colour-coded and (if not already there) added to the Smart Stream. Once an item is in SmartStream it can also have an complimentary Category Tag (text tag) added to any item. Learn More
  • Search and Filter tools make it easy to find relevant content within your SmartStream. Use the filter drop down to select a content type (i.e. Reader comments or Instagram pics) or filter based on the tag colour.
  • Display Order - This option allows users to set the display order. By default all SmartStream items appear with the newest items at top; so that you always see the most recent real-time content first. For most users this is the preferred display for managing a live event. However for specific use cases (such as those Producers publishing the majority of reader comments during an extremely high volume event) it can be useful to view the oldest comments at top. Learn More
  • Save to SmartStream - Post a comment directly into the SmartStream (by using the "Save to SmartStream" comment box) where it can be seen by other contributors, and published as needed during the event. This is a great feature for submitting comments to your Producer for approval, or for posing a question to a Panelist with Smartstream access.

  • SmartStream


    Tagging is useful for curating and organizing content prior to publishing. Writers and Producers can tag any item from their Media Library, from the Search feature, or in SmartStream.


  • To Tag an item - Mouseover the item and then select one of the colour tags. The item will be colour-coded (viewable by all Writers & Producers) and (if not already there) added to the SmartStream.
  • Tag to remember - If a Reader makes an interesting comment or if you found a relevant Tweet and you want to save it to publish later, simply tag it.
  • Tag to sort & filter- Tagging can be used to visually sort content by assigning a specific colour code (the tag colour will not be visible to Readers when published). Use the "Filter By" drop down and select the tagged colour that you wish to filter the results by.
  • Tag to collaborate - Tagged items are visible to all event Writers and Producers. This makes it easy to collaborate during the live event. For example, a Producer could tag all pre-approved Reader comments and Tweets green. They could use yellow as a "Save for later" status and red to highlight specific Reader questions that need answered.
  • Category Tags - All items in SmartStream can have a text Category Tag applied. These tags are only available once the item is in the SmartStream. To add a tag, click the tag icon in the tool bar and there will be a text link labeled "Edit". Click that and a Category Tag text box with a save button will appear. These category tags can also be searched using the SmartStream search input field. Examples might include: #FIELDVIDEO #FAILS #SOCCER
  • Tags and the API - Any content that can be input via our API can have both Color Tags and Category Tags applied. These tags will be shown in SmartStream or will be show in the Published Content Area if the Setting to show Published Tags is turned on in Settings.

    category tags

  • Search - Social Media Curation

    Capture the social conversation by infusing your live events with fresh social commentary. The Search tab is a powerful feature that allows you to easily find relevant content and social commentary to add to your event. Search for, curate and publish content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Wikipedia, RSS and Vines. Simply select a source and enter a term to search and curate content in real-time. Our powerful tools make it wasy to ‘cut through the noise’ by setting custom filters to ensure you capture the most relevant and engaging social commentary.


    • Add Filters to Target your Search Results - EventStudio Search includes built in filters to allow you to easily source relevant content. Twitter Search for example includes a wide range of filters including language, images, display and Geo-location options.
    • Quickly search Reader Comments for relevant commentary. You can filter based on comment type (e.g. comments with images, api comments, etc.) or search for a specific reference. For example - if you're running an event covering the Packers game and want to find all comments that mention quarterback Aaron Rodgers, simply enter his name as a search term.
    • Add RSS feeds to source 3rd party information and data. Add your own feed and click enter, and the content will appear directly in the Search panel so you can easily tag for moderation or instantly publish. EventStudio also includes a list of "Suggested Feeds" sourced from the BBC, Yahoo, CNN and the NFL.
    • To publish an item - Mouseover the item and click the (+) icon, or simply drag and drop the item into your live event window. Once published the item will disappear from the Search area and appear live in your event.
    • To approve an item "tag" it. This will add it to the "SmartStream" moderation queue. Tagging is useful for curating and organizing content prior to publishing.

    Browser Requirements

    Use EventStudio with any of the following browsers on Mac or PC:

    • IE 9+
    • Firefox 4+
    • Chrome, any version
    • Safari 5+
    • Opera 9+

    EventStudio uses the latest technology including HTML5 to create the best event management experience. If you are using an older browser we highly recommend upgrading to the latest browser (not only will that allow you to use EventStudio but it also means a better, more secure experience on the web!).

    CiL Classic: If you must use an older unsupported browser, then for now you can still use CoveritLive by launching the old CiL Classic console. Please note that as of Jan. 14. 2014 CiL Classic will be officially retired. This means it will no longer be widely available or officially supported. CiL Classic will also no longer receive any new updates or features. If you want to continue using CoveritLive then we highly recommend that you upgrade your browser and switch to EventStudio. Read the related Blog Post


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