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Notification Center

When activated the Notification Center appears on the Viewer Window and allows crucial information to display front-and-center for your Readers without interrupting your event commentary. The Notification Center becomes active when you turn on any of the associated options (such as Polls or Scoreboard - see the full list below).

If you have multiple notification items activated, then Readers can easily click any of the associated icons to switch between views. A scroll area appears above the main Notification item to display alternate items for each section. The scrolling rate is adjustable or it can easily be paused. When you update or add a new item, then that item will immediately take precedent by displaying for all Readers. (i.e. If you publish a new Scoreboard all your Readers will see it right away, even if they previously were viewing a Poll).

The location of the Notification Center is controlled by the Layout Style setting in EventDesigner. If 'Top' is selected then both the Reader Comment Box and Notification Center will appear at the top of the Stream (Viewer Window). If 'Bottom' is selected then the Reader Comment Box and Notification Center will appear at the bottom of the Stream.

Currently the following items appear in the Notification center:

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