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Building & Launching an Event

Ready to build and launch your first live event? It's quick and easy, simply follow the directions below.

  • You can build, update, and save your event prior to launching
  • Use EventStudio Prep Mode to customize your event options and settings
  • After you build your event post the unique Embed Code on your website to add the Viewer Window
  • To make your event "go live" you must launch it manually by clicking the "Launch Event" link
  • Once launched EventStudio makes it easy to run and manage your live event

1 - Build & Customize your Event

Build a New Event:
From your CoveritLive account click the "+Add New Event" link in the left hand toolbar. Fill out the event details in the fields provided. These details include event title, type (Standard or Ticker) and Template. Once you enter your event details and click "Next Step" your basic event details will be saved. You will now be prompted to set your custom options. (Tip! When building your event you can always mouseover the (?) help icons to learn more about each event option)

Customize Appearance: The EventDesigner allows you to customize the dimensions and appearance of your event Stream or Wall. When you change any of the options, the generated embed code is automatically updated. The EventDesigner makes it easy to generate the live experience that best fits your needs (learn more).

Customize Settings: CoveritLive includes many advanced options to customize your event, including the ability to invite Panelist/Producers, add Twitter feeds, turn Reader Comments on or off. Most of your event options and settings can now be customized directly from EventStudio before launching your event. Simply select Prep Mode to open EventStudio without launching your event. With full access to EventStudio's features and settings, Prep Mode is a great way to customize and prepare your event before launch.

2 - Add the Event to your website

Your live event is embedded on your site using a unique Embed Code. Your Readers watch your live event commentary stream through the Viewer Window in real-time. The event embed code is available and can be customized from the EventDesigner when you build or edit a new event. Adding the embed code is as simple as installing a YouTube video. After you are done customizing the embed code settings, copy the entire code provided for your event and paste it onto your site where you want the event to appear.

Tip! If you are using the Stream view, it's usually a good idea to post your Viewer Window on your site well before the start of your event. The Viewer Window will display in "Upcoming Mode" until your event is launched.

3 - Launch your Event

Once you have built your event and are ready to "go live" you can choose to launch it at anytime. You can launch any of your saved events from the Upcoming Event page by clicking the "Launch Event Now!" link (or directly from Prep Mode by clicking the Launch link). Once you launch your Readers will be notified that your event is live, and your EventStudio console will open in Live Mode to allow you to manage your live event.

4 - Run & Manage your Event

is the specialized interface used to prepare, run and manage all of your live events. EventStudio puts all your event tools and options at your fingertips and gives you complete real-time control over your event content. Learn how to use EventStudio

First time using CiL?

  • Use the Practice Area to discover how the software works: CoveritLive is, as its name would suggest, LIVE software which means your Readers will see everything you do. Once you are comfortable with the basics (writing commentary), it’s a good idea to try out some of the more advanced features (playing videos, using the Media Library) in a Practice Session first so you can work out the kinks.
  • To brand or customize the design of your event you will want to create a Template before you build your first event. Templates allow you to add custom branding and control the size, settings and display options of the Viewer Window.


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