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Media Library

The Media Library is your own personal online storage area for media items such as Images, Video and Polls. Use the Media Library to upload media items before your event and then to easily publish these items during your event. Adding pre-written text and event specific images are an excellent way to prepare for high volume events.

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Media Library

Setting up Media Library

The following media items can be added to your Media Library: Images, Video, Audio, Polls, Trivia, Gaming, Inline Ads, Links and PreWritten Text.

It's a good idea to preload items into your Media Library before the event. Simply login to you CiL Account and click the "Media Library" link. To add an item select the appropriate folder (e.g. images are added to the "Images" folder) and then click the "Add to folder" link. Follow the directions provided. If you want to organize all of your content for one event in a single folder then you can use ShowPrep. Once your media items are loaded into your library you can easily access and publish them during your event from EventStudio - learn how.

Using ShowPrep

The ShowPrep folder is a special function of your Media Library that allows you to prepare for a specific live event. The ShowPrep allows a Writer to create a subfolder for a specific upcoming live event and place media of any type into it for easy access. Think of it as our version of creating a musical playlist for a specific event you are hosting. To add a file to your ShowPrep folder, drag and drop a file from your Media Library folder.

Publishing Media during an Event

EventStudio: To access the onboard Media Library from EventStudio click the "Media" icon in the Toolbar. Follow the directions below for a general overview (or learn more about: Images and Video)

  • Click to Publish - Click a folder to view all the media within. To publish an item mouseover the item and click the (+) publish icon, or simply drag and drop the item into your live event window.
  • The Media Uploader allows you to quickly upload any image, video, audio file from your computer during your live event. To access click "Add Library Media" (appears in the Media Library tab) or "Add Event Media" (appears under the text comment box). When the upload is complete, double-click to publish. If you are uploading an image you will be prompted to add an optional image caption.
  • Shared folders allow you to collaborate - This drop down menu (located at the top of the Media Library menu) contains the name of all Writers/Producers invited to this event. Click a name to view another user's Media Library.
  • To approve an item "Tag" it. This will add it to the 'SmartStream' moderation queue. Tagging is useful for curating and organizing content prior to publishing.
  • To update on the fly use "Edit" - The edit feature is available for pre-written text and images. Text editing allows you to edit any pre-written text item as needed. Image editing allows you to add notes, captions and rotate the image orientation. Learn More
  • To manage clutter use "Delete" - You can now delete any Media Library item directly from EventStudio. Simply mouse over the item and click the delete icon. This allows you to easily clean up your library and remove any unnecessary clutter. Please note that deleting an item will permanently delete it from your Media Library, this action can not be undone.
  • Tip! For quick publishing you can also drag and drop media items directly from your computer folder into the EventStudio comment box.
  • Note: Currently the "Trivia" and "Bets" folders are not accessible from the Media Library in EventStudio. Please use CiL Classic if you require access to this functionality.


CiL Classic Console: To access the Media Library during a live event click the Media Library tab. Open a folder and simply double-click any multimedia item in the library and it will instantly publish in the Viewer Window. Double-clicking Polls/Interactive will open the Interactive Console for review/editing prior to publication.


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