Yahoo Sports’ Fantasy Football Live is an American fantasy sports experience occurring every Sunday morning throughout the NFL football season. FFL attracts a large, rabid fan-base that seeks information during the one-hour window prior to the day’s first game. CoveritLive integrates well into Yahoo’s Sunday morning dashboard experience, providing a moderated live chat experience. CoveritLive plays a key role in the dashboard by helping fantasy football enthusiasts with expert advice and important up-to-the-minute information


The chat which is touted as ‘Last minute advice so you can finish first,’ allows readers to submit their questions, read others comments and receive feedback from the fantasy panelists. CoveritLive’s robust moderation capabilities provide event producers the ability to set the appropriate pace and tempo for the event, while answering the questions as quickly as possible. Yahoo’s multiple producers can utilize the comment tagging features to queue comments in the SmartStream and assign questions based on topic to the appropriate producer, while staying in contact with one another via CiL’s private messaging feature. Additionally, Yahoo has utilized the CoveritLive API to customize the way that it retrieves and displays content in the dashboard experience.

Key Features

Chat Events, Live Chat, Moderation, Comments, Producer, Tagging, SmartStream,


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