Ford Motor Company connects with its customer base through its various Facebook pages and Ford Social website. From live product Q&A’s with vehicle designers, Q&A sessions with celebrity endorsees and live chats during racing events, Ford leverages the power of CoveritLive to engage with customers. These live events allow the company to provide customers with a variety of different interactive opportunities, while growing its brand influence and connecting with multiple segments of its customer base.


CoveritLive enhances Ford’s ability to connect with its customers by providing special access to products, celebrities and live chat events. CiL’s easy-to-setup events allow Ford the ability to generate an embed code for use on its Ford Social site and the ability to simultaneous publish to any of its Facebook pages. CoveritLive’s robust set of moderation tools allow the Ford team’s producers and panelists to create a curated content experience for users to participate. The tagging functionality allows the producer team to assign content to one another with CiL’s color coding functionality. In addition to text updates, producers can enhance live events with images from the Media Library to allow customers exclusive sneak peeks at new vehicle features or images from races. Ford also utilizes CoveritLive’s ability to incorporate YouTube videos directly into the comment stream where a simple click allows the video embed to play in-line.

Key Features

Chat Events, Producer, Panelist, Embed Code, Facebook, Moderation, Media Library, YouTube, Tagging.


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