Objective attracts a large audience domestically and internationally and it uses CoveritLive to effortlessly handle its large Social TV audience, while pairing CiL with its live streaming video. The NFL has utilized CiL to bolster its Second Screen experience during its Thursday Night Football broadcasts, its live coverage of the NFL Combine, its live chats during the NFL Draft and its wall-to-wall Super Bowl week coverage. The real-time interactive experience incorporates a moderated chat, social media content, photos and polls to connect with fans that are participating in the event on their computer, tablet or mobile device while watching on television.


The Second Screen experience delivers a curated live chat commentary that incorporates thoughts and opinions of several event producers as they interact with reader comments. In addition to the moderated chat, the NFL includes live polls to gauge the sentiment of readers with engaging questions that appear at the bottom of the viewer window and display in the chat flow once the polls are closed. The NFL’s live events also leverage the power of Twitter to pull in automated and/or moderated tweets by specific Twitter usernames, hashtags or keywords. The event producers also infuse these interactive events by integrating pieces of content such as images and videos from the Media Library or live on the fly.

Key Features

Social TV, Producers, Reader Comments, Polls, Twitter, Images, Video, Media Library, Second Screen, Sports


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