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Your live event is embedded on your website using a unique embed code. This embed code is generated using the new CoveritLive EventDesigner, which allows you to easily customize your live event experience.

Use the EventDesigner (available when you build your event) to generate the live experience that best fits your needs. For example, by simply changing the View setting you can display your event as a real-time Stream (published content appears in a linear view) OR as a Wall (posts appear in tiled Social Wall format).

Each EventDesigner View contains additional display options, including the ability to customize dimensions, appearance and content types. When you change any of the options, the generated embed code is automatically updated. You can generate as many different versions of the embed code as required; allowing you to easily syndicate your event, or to display multiple views of the same event. When you're done, simply copy and paste the final embed code onto your site where you want your event to appear. All embed codes are mobile-friendly and include responsive options.

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Selecting a "View" - Stream or Wall

When you use the EventDesigner the first step is to select your View. This is how your live event will appear to your Readers.

  • Steam: The Stream View (also known as the Viewer Window) displays your published content in a linear real-time view. This is the traditional and default CoveritLive event view. This view is ideal for Live Blogs, Live Chats, Q&A, Commentary, Breaking News, and Play-by-Plays. All CiL content types and options are supported in the Stream view.
  • Wall: The new Wall View displays your published content in a real-time tiled social wall format. In the EventDesigner you can select which content types to include on your Wall. This View is perfect for Social Walls, Tweet Walls, Brand Campaigns, Curated Photos, Conference Displays. See LiveContentWall for examples and important information.
  • Same Event / Different Views: You can also create a Stream 'View' and a Wall 'View' for the same event. For example this would allow you to use the same event to power a Live Blog and a Social Wall. Simply select the first View to customize and then cut and paste that embed code onto your page. Next select and customize the second View and place that embed code onto your page. The custom settings for each View will be saved when you click 'Save' on the bottom of the page; allowing you to quickly find the embed code for each if you should need to access them later.

Responsive / Custom Display Options

  • Responsive Design Support: By selecting the new responsive dimension options (100% Width or Infinite Height) your event Stream or Wall will automatically resize; ensuring your event looks great from all web, mobile and tablet browsers. See the Dimensions section below for more information.
  • Same Event / Different Displays: The new embed code allows users to syndicate an event using different display options. For example you can display the same event on your homepage and on an internal page, and use two different versions of the embed code so that each has a different skin, size, Pinboard display, etc. You can also create a Stream 'View' and a Wall 'View' for the same event; allowing you to use the same event to power a Live Blog and a Social Wall.

Set Dimensions (Stream or Wall)

Control the size of your Stream or Wall using these options:

  • Width: Set the width of the Stream or Wall. Streams be at least 300 px. Wall width must be at least 650 px.
  • 100% Width: If enabled, the Stream or Wall will expand to take up 100% of the space available to it. This is dependent on the size of the container where the the Stream or Wall is placed, and therefore allows for responsive design. Using the 100% width option allows your event to automatically resize to appear wider on your website, and then resize as needed for your optimized mobile or tablet solution.
  • Height: Set the height of the the Stream or Wall. Streams must be at least 350 px.
  • Infinite Height: If enabled, the Stream or Wall will continue to take up additional height as new posts are added (infinite scroll). Please note that when you enable Infinite Height for a Stream, Newest Entries at Top and Pinboard will also automatically be turned ON; as this allows for the best overall user experience. (Wall does not display Pinboard).

Set Appearance (Stream Only)

Control the behavior and appearance of your Stream (Viewer Window) using these options:

  • Skin: Skins allow you to apply a highly customized design to your Viewer Window. Learn More
  • Layout Style: Specify a Layout Style of either 'Top' or 'Bottom' for your Stream. This option controls the display of the Reader Comment Box (where your Readers submit comments during a live event) and the Notification Center within the Viewer Window. If 'Top' is selected then the Reader Comment Box and Notification Center will appear at the top of the Stream (Viewer Window). If 'Bottom' is selected then the Reader Comment Box and Notification Center will appear at the bottom of the Stream. (For the best user experience we recommend setting the Layout Style and New Entries to the same position - so both appear either at Top or Bottom - but you can still choose to set these independently).
  • New Entries: Specify the order that new posts appear in your Stream. If at 'Top' is selected then new entries will appear at the top of the Viewer Window. If 'Bottom' is selected new entries will appear at the bottom of the Viewer Window. When Infinite Height is enabled then New Entries will be set to 'Top' as this allows for the best user experience.
  • Replay: This option lets you set the display order of your event when it is Completed. By default all completed event posts appear in "Chronological" order for easy recap reading — with the oldest posts appearing first (at top) and the newest last (at bottom). If "Reverse" is selected then Completed event posts will appear in reverse chronological order — with the newest posts appearing first (at top) and the oldest last (at bottom).
  • Title Page: By default the Title Page is disabled, allowing your Readers to directly view your event content. When enabled the Title Page displays your event title, event status, and main image. Readers must click the Title Page to view your live event. Customizing your Title Page with custom branding is a great way to advertise a special event. Turning a TitlePage on or off can directly impact your Click usage. Learn more
  • Pinboard: By default the Pinboard is turned ON. When enabled, Pinned items will appear outside the Viewer Window, increasing the vertical space used by CoveritLive on the page. If disabled (off), pinned items will appear within the Viewer Window, without increasing the vertical space used by CoveritLive on the page. Learn More

Select Content Types (Wall Only)

By default your Wall will include ten (10) preset content types. These are the content types that are currently supported and will appear on your Wall when published using EventStudio. To show or hide a specific content type use the on/off setting. (ON = Display, OFF = Hide). Tip! Posts that include images look the best on a Wall.

  • CiL Comments: Any original comment published by an event Writer, Producer or Panelist.
  • CiL Images: Any published Media Library images or images uploaded using EventStudio.
  • Twitter: All published Twitter posts. Embedded images will also be included (and look great!). Vine posts are not currently included due to display restrictions in certain browsers.
  • Instagram: All published Instagram posts. Published Instagram videos are also included (Readers can click to play).
  • Facebook - All published Facebook posts. Embedded images will also be included.
  • YouTube: All published YouTube videos will be included.
  • Wikipedia: All published Wiki posts. Images will be included.
  • RSS: All published RSS posts. Images will be included.
  • Vines: All published Vine Videos. (** Available only for certain Custom Accounts )
  • Reader Comments: While Reader comments can be displayed, the Wall view does NOT include an embedded reader comment box for collecting new comments. Therefore this option is best used in addition to the Viewer Window "Stream".

Help! Embed Code Issues

The new embed code should work with virtually every publishing tool available. If you are unable to use the new embed code please report the issue to Customer Care describing the event name and URL location and our development team will investigate. For immediate usage copy and paste the Legacy Embed Code (see section below) to use for your upcoming event. Alternatively if you know for sure that your platform does not accept iframes then please follow these instructions.

Legacy Embed Code

Please note that the Legacy embed code does not fully support all new features like Pinning or responsive design options. If you are able to use the new embed code then we highly recommend that you do so. The Legacy embed code is not available for the LiveContentWall.

To use the legacy embed code select the "Legacy Embed Code" tab on the build page and copy the embed code provided. When you use the Legacy embed code your event is embedded in a Viewer Window on your site using iFrame technology.

What is an iFrame? An iFrame is an adaptation of frames, and is like opening a new browser window within your website. iFrames require no IT installation and allow you to drop the Viewer Window anywhere on your site. iFrames are a popular, safe and widely used web format, and work similar to embedding a YouTube video. The best part is the readers get instant updates without ever having to leave your site!

Help! I am having issues using an iFrame: The CiL embed code is a simple process that works with virtually every publishing tool available. Unfortunately there are a few places that do not allow their users to publish iFrames which is what the Viewer Window sits in. Not to worry, you can still use CoveritLive to run your live event by following these instructions.



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