The Request

This method allows you to delete any inserted item in a live event. Inserted items in the event are identified by insert item ids, which are returned by the content/create and event/data API methods.

Response Formats:
HTTP Method(s):
API Rate Limited:
In addition to the parameters listed in the Request Parameters section, the insert/delete method also includes the following parameters:

Parameter Description Required
event_code The event code for the event in which the inserted item to be deleted exists. Each CiL event that is created is assigned a unique event code that identifies it in the database - The event owner can find this value after creating a new event, by selecting the "altcast_code" which is found in their Viewer Window embed code (e.g. the event code is "46e6cd22b5" in "altcast_code=46e6cd22b5"). This value is also returned by the event/list API method. yes
insert_id The id of the inserted item to be deleted. These ids are returned by the content/create and event/data API methods. no

The Response

There is no extra data returned from an insert/delete request, so the response has the same fields as a general response.

Example response to a successful insert/delete request:

	"result": "success",
	"message": "true",
	"type": "insert",
	"action": "delete",
	"version": 2

insert/delete Error Responses

A variety of error responses (in addition to the common error responses) to insert/delete requests, and instructions on how to rectify them:

result response message response solution
missing_insert_id_param Required parameter empty: insert_id Ensure the insert_id request parameter is present when making a insert/delete request.
invalid_insert_id_param The insert_id request parameter did not contain a valid insert id. When populating the insert_id request parameter, ensure it contains a valid insert_id.