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The Insert feature allows you to insert new content into your event, allowing a post to be added earlier in the timeline. This feature is useful if there is a media item or social post that you would like to insert at a specific point in your event stream. Inserted content appears in real-time. The insert feature is available to all Writers and Producers.

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How it Works

  • From EventStudio click the Insert icon on any published post to activate 'Insert Mode'.
  • An "Insert Content here" placeholder will appear below the item to indicate where the inserted item will be placed.
  • Next click the Insert icon on any item from SmartStream, Search or the Media Library.
  • The new item will be inserted into the placeholder area in real-time.

Usage Tips

  • When you insert an item it will always appear below the original post where you clicked "insert" and will share the same timestamp as the item above. If you choose to insert a second item (attached to the same post) then this will appear above the first inserted item (and below the original post).
  • Any item from the SmartStream, Media Library or Search tab can be inserted.
  • Scoreboards, Polls, and Newflash items can NOT be inserted using insert mode.
  • Inserted items appear on the Wall view as long as they are a supported content type.
  • You can not reorder inserted items. If an item is not inserted in the right place we recommend deleting that insert and reinserting it in the proper position (as per the rules listed above).
  • Insert Mode works well when adding new posts that you want your Readers to view during a Replay (as the inserted post will appear to have been added during the original timeline). For example, if you want to add an important Video clip that you didn't have available at the time, but is relevant to the event timeline.
  • While inserted posts appear within the event in real-time, current Readers are not alerted when a new insert is added. For example, if you insert a post futher back in the timeline at a position that is not immediately visible to your Readers, it may not be seen during the live event. If you want to feature important content that does not appear within the event timeline we recommend adding it as a Pin instead.
  • You can delete an inserted post, however inserted posts can not be edited, pinned or replied to.
  • The insert feature is available to all Writers and Producers. (Panelists do not have access to this feature).
  • The insert feature is only available for Live events. If you think you might want to insert new posts after the main event coverage (post-game for instance) we recommend running your event as a Ticker (which is designed to host permanent or long term live events).
  • Inserted content is a supported in the CoveritLive API; users can choose whether or not to include inserted items in the event data.




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