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Instagram is a great way to source social images or videos for your live events. Use Instagram with CoveritLive to add images directly from sources in the field, or to let your audience share their photos. This is a great feature for pulling in related social images during large events like award shows or public sporting events, and works beautifully when used along with our LiveContentWall for highly visual displays.

Choose to manually Search for relevant Instagram content, or select to automatically publish Instagram posts using our powerful Auto-Instagram feature. CoveritLive uses Instagram's real-time API, which provides fast, reliable Instagram integration. Plus CoveritLive includes easy to use Instagram tools to allow you to filter through the noise and find relevant and engaging content. All Instagram content is published with proper attribution and a direct link to the source.

Instagram Search

Select a keyword or user to search and curate Instagram content in real-time. The ability to search by username makes it easy to find and publish images from a trusted Instagram account.

EventStudio: The Search feature let's you quickly find relevant and real-time Instagram content. Select the Search tab from the toolbar and then click the Instagram icon. You can choose to search by a keyword/ hashtag OR by an Instagram user (simply enter a username such as "natgeo"). Narrow your search by selecting to filter by: All content, Images Only or Video Only. Tag an item and its added to the SmartStream for easy pre-approval.

Instagram example


Want to quickly and easily publish trusted Instagram sources to your live event? Require additional moderation before publishing incoming Instagram posts? CoveritLive's Auto-Instagram feature makes it easy to do all of this and more. Add up to 24 trusted Instagram users or lists; and up to 6 keywords or hashtags. Remember that the Instagram account must be public to appear.

  • Automated Instagram: CoveritLive makes it easy to automate trusted Instagram feeds. When the moderate option is turned off, Instagram content matching your search and filter criteria will automatically be published to your live event with proper Instagram attribution. You can set up your Automated Instagram options using EventStudio either before your event (using Prep Mode) or on the fly during your live event.
  • Moderated Instagram: Unmoderated content can quickly get out of control, so CiL provides a way to easily moderate your automated Instagram posts. When the moderate option is turned on, posts matching your search and filter criteria automatically appear in your SmartStream. This allows you to quickly review Instagram images/ videos before publishing. You can also choose to tag posts to share them with your Producer or to save for later.

Automated Instagram example

Setting up Auto-Instagram

new EventStudio: To customize the automatic Instagram options open EventStudio and click the "Automate" tab in the toolbar. Select the "People" or "Keyword" tab depending on your needs. Use the instant toggle options to set additional filtering and display options (including the ability to moderate or automatically publish the feed).

Auto-Instagram Tips

  • Instagram requires authorization for all API requests and as a result, CoveritLive users must now be logged into an Instagram account before using any Instagram-Automation features. Learn More
  • To create a live photo feed from the field simply enter a trusted Instagram accounts for instant updates. Automated Instagram works beautifully when used with a CoveritLive LiveContentWall for highly visual displays.
  • Filter through the noise by using a specific hashtag.
  • Remember that the Instagram account must be public to appear.
  • Automatic (unmoderated) Auto-posts will continue to publish during Standby Mode. This allows you to continue to automatically feed in trusted feeds into your live event, even when you are away from EventStudio.
  • Due to the real-time nature of Instagram, moderated Instagram posts only collect in your SmartStream while your EventStudio is open. If you have a moderated Instagram post in your SmartStream that a fellow contributor can't see, simply tag it and it will become visible to all Writers and Producers.

Linking your Instagram Account

CoveritLive uses Instagram's real-time streaming API in order to provide fast reliable Instagram integration. Instagram requires authorization for all API requests and as a result, CoveritLive users must now be logged into an Instagram account before using any Instagram-Automation features. Linking your Instagram account with CoveritLive logs you onto Instagram, which allows you to use Instagram functionality seamlessly within your live event.

  • Linking your Account let's Instagram know that you want access to the real-time Streaming API -- which means faster, more reliable Twitter content for your live events.
  • Linking is not required for Instagram Search, only for Instagram Automation
  • You can "link" or "unlink" your Instagram account at anytime from your My Profile page or during the event from within EventStudio.
  • "Linking" an account does NOT automatically show Instagram posts from that Instagram Account in your event. Linking an Instagram account is only required to "activate" the Instagram automate features. (Once linked you can use Auto-Instagram to pull in posts from any Instagram user you specify).
  • More then one CiL user can link to the same Instagram account, so it's perfectly ok if you and your coworkers are linking to the same Instagram corporate account. (You will of course need the credentials to authorize access).
  • If the event owner links an Instagram account, Producers in the same event can immediately use the Auto-Instagram feature.
  • If you don't have a Instagram account but want to use the CiL-Instagram functionality we recommend simply creating an Instagram account. You don't have to be active, or follow anyone; you just need an account.


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