• Run CoveritLive events on Facebook to engage with your fans and drive brand site traffic
  • Host events concurrently on your website and Facebook, where it runs natively
  • Encourage readers to employ Facebook sharing for greater event traffic and brand promotion
  • Let readers sign in with their Facebook account for more participation, sharing and insight


  • Incorporate Twitter for live commentary from field journalists or relevant third party analysts
  • Use Twitter's real-time Streaming API to provide faster, more reliable Twitter integration
  • Share Twitpic and Yfrog photos in the viewer window
  • Cut through the Twitter noise with CoveritLive’s unique “Top Tweets” filter
  • Pre-load multiple Twitter users, lists, hashtags or search terms to your events
  • Integrate Twitter – and unlimited tweets – at no additional cost


  • Expand your audience and participation with CoveritLive’s support for mobile devices
  • Serve up phone/OS appropriate events with CoveritLive's automatic mobile browser detection
  • Encourage writers and producers to run events from their smart phones for real-time field reporting
  • Download the free CoveritLive app in the iTunes and Android stores
  • Integrate mobile support at no additional cost

Moderation & Curation

  • Stay in control of event content with CoveritLive's reader comments management features
  • Use the Panelist/Producer feature to invite participants and provide added commentary or production help
  • Rely on CoveritLive's curation and moderation to control event pacing, interactivity and quality
  • Employ media and content libraries for pre-event preparation and re-use in subsequent events
  • Use the platform's Live Edits feature to modify or remove content during or after an event
  • Private message panelists and contributors to coordinate event content

Multimedia (Photos, Video & Audio)

  • Add images directly into the live event viewer window, so readers never have to leave your site
  • Upload original content or YouTube videos to the viewer window
  • Play audio files during your live event for entertainment and engagement

Interactivity (Polls, Trivia & Games)

  • Create and manage live polls as your event unfolds for greater reader engagement and participation
  • Create compelling events-within-events with CoveritLive's trivia and gaming features
  • Boost audience time-in-event and interaction with awarded points and points wagering
  • Publish leader boards based on participant activity to encourage participation and competition

Analytics & Statistics

  • Capture reader/event stats including page views, clicks, unique viewers, replay views, comments and media
  • Review monthly clicks and monitor growth with month-by-month usage graphs
  • Get live updates to data trends during events
  • Export event high-level data to spreadsheets in CSV format
  • Rely on the API for further detailed event statistics and information


  • Customize and integrate your live events using the CoveritLive API
  • Use the API to integrate CoveritLive into your own events
  • Use the API to access your raw event content and listings or to store the data on your site for SEO
  • Build a custom application to call the API feed outside of the CiL Viewer Window
  • Use the API to insert CoveritLive into your mobile site and even auto-publish third party content

For a complete list of CoveritLive's features, click here


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