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Adding Images

With instant publishing, adding images to your live event is simple and extremely quick. You can click to publish an image from your onboard Media Library, or simply drag and drop images into your event. Our new social integration tools make it easy to source and publish images directly from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or RSS feeds. Our robust API even allows for 3rd party intergration; auto-publish images or ads directly into a live event from any custom application.

Images appear directly in the Stream or Wall, so your Readers never have to leave your site during the live event. Regardless of the device (desktop, mobile or tablet) published images will automatically adapt and resize; so your Readers always get big bold, beautiful images.

If your event features lots of images we recommend using a large Stream (viewer window height of 500px or larger) for the best experience. Or try our new LiveContentWall for a highly visual tiled photo display! Our new Live Gallery feature supports a full-screen slideshow display, so Readers can easily browse through all your event images at full-size.

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Imageonbord Media Library

Adding & Publishing Images

Quick Tip! To publish an image during an event, mouseover the image and click the (+) publish icon.

Method 1: Preload Images into your Media Library

Use this method if you have images you wish to preload into your Media Library before you launch your live event.

  • Step 1 - Option (A): Save images to your My Account > Media Library under the "Images’ directory. (Do this before you launch your live event). You can also choose to add captions.
  • Step 1 - Option (B): Use ShowPrep to upload images to the onboard EventStudio Media Libary for any Upcoming event. (See Method 2 for upload instructions).
  • Step 2: During your live event, open your ‘Media Library’ from EventStudio and select the "Images" folder. This will allow you to easily preview all of your images before publishing.
  • Step 3: To publish the image, mouseover the image and click the (+) publish icon, or drag and drop the image directly into your event window. The image will instantly appear for your Readers.

Method 2: Use the Media Uploader

Use this method if you have an image on your computer or network that you want to quickly upload during your live event.

  • To upload + instantly Publish: During your live event, from EventStudio click "Add Event Media" (appears under the text commentary box). Select the image you wish to add and it will instantly publish. Images uploaded this way will be saved in the "Event Uploaded Media" folder, but will not be permanently saved to your Media Library after the event is over.

  • To upload Images to your Media Library: From the onboard Media Library in EventStudio select the 'Images' folder and click the "Add Library Media" link. Select the image from your computer and it will upload into your Media Library. Any file you add using the Media Uploader will be saved in your 'Media Library' for future use. At anytime during your event you can choose to tag the image (to add it to the SmartStream) or instantly publish (click + icon) to your live event.

Method 3: Drag and Drop for instant Publishing

The new EventStudio console allows you to drag and drop media from your computer folder directly into the event. This is a great feature for Producers who are working with a photographer and need to quickly publish photos from a corporate network.

  • Step 1: Locate and select the image file on your desktop, computer folder or network.
  • Step 2: Drag the image from it's location, directly into the EventStudio comment box. The image will instantly publish.
  • Note: Images uploaded this way will be instantly published to your event, but will NOT be saved to the Media Library for future use.

Method 4: Source Images from Social Networks

EventStudio's new Search feature allows you to easily search for and publish relevant photos and images from popular social networks. Click the (+) icon to instantly publish to your live event. All posts with photos are published with proper attribution and a direct link to the source.

  • Twitter: Incorporate native Twitter photos. Use the "Images Only" filter to source only Tweets that contain images.
  • Instagram: Users can now easily search for and publish Instagram images. Learn More


Image Tools

The image editing tools are available to all Writers and Producers. These tools are accessible from the My Account > Media Library and in the EventStudio > Media Library.

  • Image Preview: Simply select the "Image" folder and you will be able to easily preview all of your images before publishing.

  • Add Caption Text: To add caption text to your pre-loaded Media Library image, mouse over the image and click the "Edit" icon. This will open editable text fields where you can enter the caption text and select whether or not the saved caption text is published. Click "Save" to save any edits. Published Caption Text will appear directly below the published image. Uploading images on-the-fly? Now when you upload an image in EventStudio a Media Caption box will appear, allowing you to quickly add caption text. We've also added a built-in Rich-Text Editor so you can customize your caption text size, color, style and easily add HTML or direct links to external sites. This is a great option for journalists posting an image to draw Readers to a related editorial article, or for brands who want to link directly to a purchase page. (Tip! If you want the image itself to be clickable with no caption, then we recommend adding your image as an inline Ad)

  • Caption Text

  • Rotate Images: To instantly rotate Media Library imagesmouse over the image and click the "Edit" icon. Click the blue arrow icons below the image to rotate the preview clockwise or counter clockwise. Click "Save" to save any edits. This is a great feature for breaking news or quick Media Uploads; where users are quickly shooting and uploading images and may need to rotate the perspective before publishing. The rotate feature can be used on all images in the Media Library under 10MB.

  • Tagging: Tagging is available from your EventStudio during a live event and is useful for curating and organizing specific images. Producers can easily use tagging to categorize images (e.g. All "red" photos are photos taken on the Red Carpet, and all "yellow" photos are photos taken during the Award Show). Or tag an image as a reminder to publish later. Tagged items are visible to all event Writers and Producers, which makes it easy to collaborate during the live event.

Image Image

Live Gallery

Readers love big bold images. With our new Live Gallery feature your Readers can click on any published image (including those posted via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) to view the image at full size.

Live Gallery allows Readers to easily navigate through all event images in a full-screen slideshow format. Click one of the images in the Ticker below to view Live Gallery in action!

Live Gallery is built right into the new embed code and supported on both the Stream and Wall view so no additional coding is required. It's built to work seamlessly on mobile and tablets as well. Simply publish an image to your event and it will automatically be included in the Live Gallery view!


Instagram Images & Video

EventStudio allows you to easily search for, publish and automate Instagram photos or video.

To access the Instagram Search feature open EventStudio > select the "Search" tab from thetToolbar and click the Instagram option. You can choose to search by a single "Keyword" or by a specific Instagram "User" (simply enter a username such as "natgeo"). Narrow your search by selecting to filter by Image or Video. Learn More

To automate Instagram open EventStudio > select the "Automate" tab from the toolbar and click the Instagram option. Select the "People" or "Keyword" tab depending on your needs. Use the instant toggle options to set additional filtering and display options (including the ability to moderate or automatically publish the feed). Learn More

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