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Adding Video

Our new social integration tools make it easy to source and publish images directly from YouTube. You can also quickly publish a video from your on-board Media Library, or simply drag and drop a video from your computer. Videos clips are played inside the Viewer Window (and automatically re-size based on the Viewer Window) so your Readers never leave your site during the live event. Readers also have the option to stop/ pause/ replay the video as required. Videos are a great way to handle commercial breaks or provide additional perspective on the event you're covering.

If you are interested in adding streaming video to your event (or continuous / long play video) we recommend pinning your video to a Pinboard. Pinning makes it easy to highlight crucial information in a format that is easily seen by all Readers. Alternatively you can position the CoveritLive event adjacent to the embedded video stream from your 3rd party provider. Our users find that these solutions works extremely well for online broadcast video and conference coverage.

Video example


YouTube Videos

EventStudio's new Search feature allows you to easily search for and publish relevant videos from YouTube. Published YouTube videos appear inline right in your event. By default published YouTube videos do not Auto-Play (Readers can click to play, just like when they watch a YouTube video elsewhere on the web). However for those users that want their video to instantly play, they can easily turn Auto-Play "ON" from the EventStudio "Settings" tab. The setting can also be switched on and off throughout the event as needs change. Using the Auto-Play option is a great way to easily feature inline Video Ads, or to ensure all Readers are watching a video at the same time.

  • Select the 'Search' tab from the toolbar and then click the YouTube tab. Enter a search term to discover relevant content. Use the "Uploaded Time" dropdown to further filter results.
  • Click (+) to publish the Video (or simply drag and drop)
  • All videos are published with proper attribution and a direct link to the source.

Publishing Embedded Videos (EventStudio)

In addition to YouTube Videos, there are several other different ways to publish Videos to your live event. Read more below for step-by-step directions. Note: The maximum size for Video upload is 25 MB. The supported video upload formats are mpg, mpeg, mov, flv, swf, and wmv.


Preload Videos into your Media Library

Use this method if you have videos you wish to preload into your Media Library before you begin your live event. The Media Library allows you to quickly publish videos at any time during your event.

  • Step 1: In ‘My Account’ save videos into your ‘Media Library’ under the ‘videos’ directory. (Do this before you launch your live event). Alternatively can open EventStudio in Prep Mode and upload videos to the onboard Media Libary before launching your event.
  • Step 2: During your live event click the "Media" tab in EventStudio to open your onboard Media Library, and select the "Videos" folder. This will allow you to easily preview all of your videos before publishing.
  • Step 3: To publish the video, mouseover the video and click the (+) publish icon, or drag and drop the video directly into your event window. The video will instantly appear for your Readers in-line, in the Viewer Window. Alternatively you may choose to Pin the video instead.

Use the Media Uploader

Use this method if you have a video on your computer or network that you want to quickly upload during your live event. Any file you add using the Media Uploader will be saved in your 'Media Library' for future use.

  • To upload and instantly Publish: During your live event, from EventStudio click "Add Event Media" (appears under the text commentary box). Select the video you wish to add and it will instantly publish.
  • To upload to your Media Library: From the onboard Media Library in Event Studio click "Add Library Media". Select the video you wish to add and it will upload into your Media Library.

Drag and Drop Videos

The new EventStudio console allows you to drag and drop media from your computer folder directly into the event.

  • Step 1: Locate and select the video file on your desktop, computer folder or network
  • Step 2: Drag the video from it's location, directly into the EventStudio comment box. The video will instantly publish.

Embed a Video Player

Many of our users use the Rich Text editor in the comment box to embed their own video players; such as Brightcove videos.

  • Step 1: From EventStudio click the "A+" icon located above the comment box to activate the Rich Text editor. This allows you to embed HTML code such as iframe code.
  • Step 2: Paste the embed code from your Video Player into the Comment Box and click "Post". You can also choose to add a comment before or after the video as a caption.
  • Tip! It's always a good idea to try embedding your Video Player in a test event or Practice Session to make sure it works as intended.


Video example

Publishing Vine

Want to feature Vine Videos in your event? Simply publish the Vine URL from the EventStudio comment box (e.g. and the vine will appear embedded in your Viewer Window.

  • Please note that there are known issues with Vine in Firefox (some users see a black box instead of the Video).
  • Publishing several Vine videos is also known to cause performance issues for some computers (including freezing and crashing). As a result we recommend limiting the Vine Videos that you post consecutively.
  • Please note that these issues are on Vine's end, so we are hoping Vine will correct this soon.
  • Once we are confident that Vine videos no longer cause performance issues then we will offer embedded Vine support for Tweets. (Right now, we limit this as we don't want Vine to cause display issues during your event - for you or for your Readers)

Video example


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