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Managing Reader Comments

CiL provides all the tools you need to organize and manage your Reader comments, and you always stay in control of your content.

TIP! If you require assistance managing Reader comments, we recommend the Panelist/Producer feature.


Reader Comment Box

CoveritLive makes it easy for Reader's to share their opinions by sending comments or questions through the event comment box. Readers can also send image attachments; which is a great feature for sourcing photos during breaking news or weather events. Writers/Producers always have a chance to moderate all reader comments and preview any image attachments before publishing.

The Comment Box appears by default in a collopased state so that it is always available to Readers, but doesn't take up too much space on your event window. To submit a comment a Reader simply clicks on the collopased comment box. The Comment area then automatically expands to show a larger comment field, a name field, an optional image upload icon, and a Send button. Once a Reader enters their comment and clicks 'Send' the comment will appear in the EventStudio > SmartStream where it can be instantly moderated by the Writer or Producer. Learn more about managing Comments

Comment Box Layout

The comment box appears at either the Top or the Bottom of the event Stream (Viewer Window). The position of the comment box can be customized by using the Layout Style setting in the EventDesigner. This setting controls the display of both the Reader Comment Box and the Notification Center within the Viewer Window. For example, if you select 'Top' then the Reader Comment Box and the Notification Center will appear at the top of the Stream (Viewer Window). For the best user experience we recommend setting the Layout Style and New Entries to the same position - so both appear either at Top or Bottom - but you can still choose to set these independently.

Note: While Reader comments can be displayed on a LiveContentWall, the Wall view does not include an embedded reader comment box for collecting new comments. Therefore this option is best used in addition to the Viewer Window "Stream".

Turning Reader Comments On/Off

Reader comments are turned ON by default for all event Streams. There may be times however when you want to turn OFF Reader Comments. This settings is available from the "Settings" tab in EventStudio. You can use Prep Mode to customize this setting before launch if needed. When comments are turned OFF the comment box is fully hidden.

Managing Comments with EventStudio

When you use EventStudio moderated Reader comments and questions appear instantly in your SmartStream. SmartStream lets you easily review and organize all of your Reader Comments before publishing. You can also search your comments for specific terms or content using the Search tab.

  • To Publish a Comment - Mouseover the comment and click the (+) icon, or simply drag and drop the content item directly into your live event window. Once published the comment will disappear from the SmartStream and instantly appear in your live event.

  • When you have a high volume of comments use the Pause/Play feature to pause the SmartStream. When the stream is paused no new content will enter the stream, however a notification will appear at the top indicating the number of new items in the queue. i.e. "8 New Items". Click play to resume the stream and any new items will automatically be visible in your SmartStream

  • Tagging is useful for organizing specific Reader Comments. If a Reader makes an interesting comment or you want to save it to publish later, simply tag it. Tagged items are visible to all event Writers and Producers, which makes it easy to collaborate during the live event. For example, a Producer could tag all pre-approved Reader comments and Tweets green. They could use yellow as a "Save for later" status and red to highlight specific Reader questions that need answered.

  • Quickly Search Reader Comments or other content for relevant commentary. You can filter based on comment type (e.g. comments with images, email comments, etc.) or search for a specific reference. For example - if you're running an event covering the Packers game and want to find all comments that mention quarterback Aaron Rodgers, simply enter his name as a search term.

  • Add a Producer to help you manage Comments. If you expect a very large audience or are covering a complicated topic, you may want to invite Producers to help you run the event so you can focus on the commentary. Producers have full access to EventStudio including the Media Library and can publish any content that the Writer can.

  • Turning off Reader Comments: If you have a large, active Reader base, you may want to temporarily turn off Reader comments. This settings is available after your event is launched from your "Settings" tab.

  • Blocking Reader Comments: If a specific Reader is being abusive or just a general nuisance, the blocking tool allows you to block that Reader's comments from showing up in your Console. Readers are only blocked for the duration of that particular live event, so it will not affect future live events. The Reader will not know that they have blocked – they will simply think that you are no longer publishing their comments. To block a Reader, click the 'block' icon beside the Readers’ comment. The blocking operation can not be undone, so please use this feature carefully.

  • Sending Private Messages: To respond privately to a Reader, click the PM icon associated with the Reader's comment. A PM box will open to allow you to send your message. Only that specific Reader will see your message. To send private messages to Panelists and Producers click the Private Message box at the bottom- right of the window. This feature makes short private conversations quick and easy!

  • Using Always Allow: Invite your Panelists and Producers before you begin your event, or tag them “on-the-fly” along with your Always Allow Readers by clicking the “Always Allow” icon associated with the Reader's comment. If a Reader is tagged “Always Allow” their comments are published automatically.

  • Adding Reader Comments to a LiveContentWall: While Reader comments can be displayed on a LiveContentWall, the Wall view does not include an embedded reader comment box for collecting new comments. Therefore this option is best used in addition to the Viewer Window "Stream".

Other Comment Sources

Twitter Comments: Interested in pulling in comments from Twitter? CoveritLive provides several ways for you to include Tweets, with as much or as little control as you wish. Learn More

Reader Comment API: Interested in pulling in comments from a 3rd party application? The CoveritLive API allows you to connect your own chat application with the CoveritLive console. Once set up, your Readers will be able to submit comments from external chat rooms or mobile applications. Learn More

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