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CoveritLive provides multiple ways to integrate advertising into events, including pre-roll & inline ad placement and custom-branded ChannelPages. Ads can be inserted automatically using CoveritLive’s event templating system, added manually by event producers or incorporated programmatically using the CoveritLive API.

Ad Types

Inline Ads

Inline Ads allow you to quickly and easily ad your own Ads using a variety of different formats such as links, Flash or pictures with links/affiliate codes attached. Simply load your Ad into the My Account > Media Library before your event and then instantly publish it at the right time during your event from the EventStudio onboard Media Library. Ads appear inline right in the event.

Pre-Roll *

Pre-roll ads appear above the CoveritLive event when readers first arrive on the page or engage with the event. The user creates and hosts all of the pre-roll ads. They can include almost any standard Internet ad format including images, video, HTML5 and Flash. Ads can be configured to close automatically, when a reader clicks a button or at the completion of a video.


ChannelPages are a completely customizable and SEO optimized home for CoveritLive events. The entire page can be branded to integrate seamlessly with the user’s digital property and can include any web content, including all standard format ads. Learn More | View a ChannelPage Example

Setup a Pre-roll Ad *

Setting up a pre-roll ad is a simple two-step process. First create an HTML document containing the content of the ad. This document is hosted on the user’s site. Once that's complete the user needs to setup a CoveritLive Event or Template to display this ad. Note: the ad must implement the Pre-roll Ad Code Format Ad Code Format described below.

Template Setup

Templates can be shared across events, users and Enterprise Accounts. Once setup, a pre-roll ad configured for a template will appear on all events using that template.

  • Open the Appearance & Settings page.
  • In the Custom Ads section, enter an HTML iframe code which references the ad that has been created.
  • Save and create an event using this template.

Event Setup

Follow these directions to configure a pre-roll ad for a single event.

  • Open the + Add New Event page.
  • In the Custom Ads section, enter an HTML iframe code which references the ad that has been created.

Pre-roll Ad Code Format

In order to function correctly, the page called by the iframe must include code which performs the following actions:

Start the ad. the page must call the startCustomAd.html file. The closebutton parameter is optional, but can be used to override the setting provided when building the event.

Sample code for starting an ad:

// this method would be called from the onload event
function startAd() {
	var closebutton = "y";
	var i = document.createElement("iframe"); = "none";
	i.src = "" + closebutton;

Close the ad. Ads can be removed using 2 methods:

  1. Include a close button and the user can remove the ad at any time. This is ideal for static image ads.
  2. Do not include a close button and have the page call the closeCustomAd.html file, which will close the ad for the viewer. Closing the ad using this method is ideal for video ads, which you may want the viewer to watch in their entirety before closing.

Sample code for closing an ad programatically:

// this method would be called at the point in time you wish to close the ad
function closeAd() { 
	var i = document.createElement("iframe"); = "none";
	i.src = ""

  • When entering your ad code on CoveritLive, it should be an iframe in the following format. Replace the src, width, and height with appropriate values.

<iframe src="" width="472" height="500"></iframe>	

* Pre-roll ad available to Custom Tier subscibers only.

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