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Adding Audio

Audio files (such as WAV or MP3 files) can be played for your readers during your live event. They can be an effective tool for entertaining (think playing “Under Pressure” when the debate is about to begin) or informative (think playing an audio clip from a politician’s recent stump speech).

By default published audio files will not play until a Reader manually clicks the play button. However there are times when you might want an audio file to automatically play; such as a referee whistle or a goal sound during a game. Therefore we have added an optional "Audio Auto-Play" setting to the EventStudio > Tools menu.

If you are interested in adding streaming Audio to your event (or continuous / long play audio) we recommend pinning your audio player to a Pinboard. Pinning makes it easy to highlight crucial information in a format that is easily seen by all Readers. Alternatively you can position the CoveritLive event adjacent to the embedded Audio Player from your 3rd party provider. Our users find that these solutions works extremely well for online broadcast audio.

Publishing Audio

Method 1: Preload Audio into your Media Library

Use this method if you have Audio you wish to preload into your Media Library before you begin your live event.The Media Library allows you to quickly publish Audio at any time during your event.

  • Step 1 - Option (A): Save audio files to your My Account > Media Library under the "Audio’ directory. (Do this before you launch your live event). You can also choose to update the audio file name.
  • Step 1 - Option (B): Use ShowPrep to upload audio files to the onboard EventStudio Media Library for any Upcoming event. (See Method 2 for upload instructions).
  • Step 2: During your live event, open your ‘Media Library’ from EventStudio and select the "Audio" folder. This will allow you to easily preview all of your audio files before publishing.
  • Step 3: To publish the Audio file, mouseover the Audio file and click the (+) publish icon, or drag and drop the audio post directly into your Published Content window. The audio file will instantly play and a reference will appear for your Readers inline, in the Viewer Window.

Method 2: Use the Media Uploader

Use this method if you have audio on your computer or network that you want to quickly upload during your live event. Any file you add using the Media Uploader will be saved in your 'Media Library' for future use.

  • To upload + instantly Publish: During your live event, from EventStudio click "Add Event Media" (appears under the text commentary box). Select the audio file that you wish to add and it will instantly publish. Files uploaded this way will be saved in the "Event Uploaded Media" folder, but will not be permanently saved to your Media Library after the event is over.
  • To upload Audio Files to your Media Library: From the onboard Media Library in EventStudio select the 'Audio' folder and click the "Add Library Media" link. Select the audio file from your computer and it will upload into your Media Library. Any file you add using the Media Uploader will be saved in your 'Media Library' for future use. At anytime during your event you can choose to tag the Audio file (to add it to the SmartStream) or instantly publish (click + icon) to your live event.

Method 3: Embed an Audio Player

Many of our users embed their own Audio players; such as Soundcloud or Audio Boo files. Use the Rich Text editor in the comment box to embed the player inline. This is recommended for shorter clips. (For longer audio streaming try pinning your audio player to a Pinboard).

  • Step 1: From EventStudio click the "A+" icon located above the comment box to activate the Rich Text editor. This allows you to embed HTML code such as iframe code.
  • Step 2: Paste the embed code from your Audio Player into the Comment Box and click "Post".
  • Tip! It's always a good idea to try embedding your Audio Player in a test event or Practice Session to make sure it works as intended.

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