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Tips for the Writer

  • Use the Practice Area to discover how the software works: CoveritLive is, as its name would suggest, LIVE software which means your readers will see everything you do. Once you are comfortable with the basics (writing commentary), it’s a good idea to try out some of the more advanced features (playing videos, using the Media Library) in a Practice Session first so you can work out the kinks.

  • Learn how to engage your Readers: CoveritLive allows for varying levels of collaboration between you and your readers. All readers can comment and respond to polls. Mark trusted readers as “Always Allow” and let their comments publish automatically. Panelists can provide enhanced commentary, and Producers help you run your event.

  • Post your Viewer Window on your site well before the start of your event: When getting ready for your event, it is always a good idea to do some prep work to make sure the Viewer Window is displaying at the optimal size. As well, the ‘Coming Soon’ window can display your brand, and has an email reminder feature so your readers will never miss your event.

  • Use Quick Polls: Quick Polls involved this way. You can launch as many polls as you like (they just rotate at the bottom of the Viewer Window) so you are not limited to one question like some publishing software.

  • Publish Multimedia... it's easy: One of the things that really separates CoveritLive from everything else out there is how simple it is to add video, images, audio clips and even your own advertising into your live event. Load items into your personal Media Library ahead of time, using ShowPrep, or upload on the fly using the Media Uploader. Everything is formatted to play within the Viewer Window making it a breeze for you to look like a superstar.

  • Invite additional commentators: Try inviting a guest speaker or one of your colleagues to participate in your live event. Use the Always Allow feature to quickly add a commentator during a Q&A Session or panel discussion. If you are running an event with a large audience you may also want to add a Producer to assist by approving reader comments and managing interactive media.

Great tips written by CiL users:

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