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Adding Panelists and Producers

With the Panelist/Producer feature, Writers can easily invite other contributors to participate in their live events in order to provide additional commentary or production assistance. This is a great tool for featuring multiple writers, or for moderating large audiences. Learn more about the Panelist and Producer roles below.

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The Panelist Role

Panelists are contributors with access to a simplified version of EventStudio. The Panelist role is suitable for “guest speakers” and for featuring multiple writers. A Panelist's access level (Basic or SmartStream) determines what tools they can use in EventStudio. Writer's can set each Panelist's access level from the Build section (when they invite the Panelist to the event), or from the EventStudio "Panelist" tab (by clicking the edit icon next to their name).

Basic: By default all Panelists have "Basic" access. Basic Panelists can view the Live Event viewer, and publish their own comments to the event. Panelists also have access to basic settings, including the ability to customize their Display Name and Avatar. In addition, Panelists can Private Message other event contributors. Panelists with Basic access can NOT view unpublished items in the SmartStream.

SmartStream: Panelists with "SmartStream" access can do everything that "Basic" Panelists can do, plus they also have access to the SmartStream. From the SmartStream they can Publish, Reply to, and Tag any item in the SmartStream, including unpublished Reader Comments. They also have access to the new "Save to SmartStream" feature, which allows them to post comments directly to the SmartStream for publishing later (which is a great feature if you want Panelists to submit comments to the Producer for approval).

TIP! You can quickly add Panelists and Producers ‘on-the-fly’ during your event by clicking the Always Allow icon next to a Reader’s comment. More Info

The Producer Role

If you expect a large audience or are covering a complicated topic, we recommend inviting Producers to help you run the event, so that you can focus on the commentary. Producers have full access to EventStudio - including SmartStream, Search and the Media Library. A Producer can do everything that the Writer can do during the live event, including Pinning or publishing any item.

Currently Producers cannot edit a Writer's Upcoming or Live event from the My Account section. However Producers CAN launch the event, and can customize any settings via EventStudio during a live event. A Producer's primary role is to assist with production during the live event, but it also can be used to invite another user to actively participate in the event with full access to all the advanced features.

TIP! We recommend Producers first use the Practice Area to learn how the software works. A good idea once you are comfortable with the basics is to try out some of the more advanced features (using the Media Library, launching polls, publishing Tweets, etc.)


How do I add a Panelist or Producer?

Adding Panelist/Producers before launch:

Invite a Panelist or Producer before the event is live, by opening EventStudio in Prep Mode. The "Prep Mode" button is available after you build an event (either from the Upcoming event listings page, or from the bottom of the Build page). Once EventStudio is open in Prep Mode click the 'Panelists' tab to manage your invites.

To add a new contributor simply enter their email address or member name, select their role (Producer or Panelist) and click 'Add'. An email is sent to each user inviting them to participate in your live event. Invited users must accept the email invite to participate in the event unless they are a member of your Enterprise Account OR they previously accepted an event invite from you and have a CoveritLive account (in which case they are automatically added to the event and can access it by logging into their personal CiL account).

  • Use the Panelist tab in Prep Mode to add contributors in advance of your event. You can invite up to 25 Panelists/Producers.
  • To resend the invite email to any Panelist/Producer simply click the envelope icon next to their name.
  • If you want to manually send the invite link to a new contributor (e.g. through your own personal email) you can click "edit" next to the name of the Panelist/Producer and then copy the unique Invite Link. The recipient can then click that link and will be prompted to accept the invite and login to their event
  • To customize the Avatar for a Panelist/Producer click the "edit" button and upload a custom Avatar for that user. This will become their default Avatar for this event.
  • If required, you can click "edit" to change a user's role at anytime (for example if you need to upgrade a Panelist to a Producer, or change the Panelist's SmartStream access level)
  • TIP! We recommend that you follow up with each invited Panelist and Producer prior to launching your live event. This will allow you to clearly establish your expectations and provide more information about your Readers and event.

To manage your Panelist/Producer settings after launch:

EventStudio allows you to manage your settings from the 'Panelist' tab at anytime. This includes the ability to invite new contributors, to see which contributors are currently online, to resend the invite email, to edit contributor's access levels and avatars, and to remove contributors.

Help! My Panelist/Producer didn't receive my invite email

Invited users must accept the email invite to participate in an event unless they are a member of your Enterprise Account OR they previously accepted an invite; in which case they are automatically added to the event and can access the event from their event listings.

If you find a Panelist or Producer is not receiving your email invitation, it may be because their email server is blocking it. As a first step we recommend that your recipient check their spam folder.

If you continue to have trouble with the invitation process, then we recommend trying one of the options below:

Send the Panelist / Producer Invite Code

Use this method to directly send your Panelist or Producer the invite code. This method requires you to launch your event in order to access the invite code.

  • (1) Open EventStudio in Prep Mode or Live Mode
  • (2) Open the "Panelists" tab
  • (3) Next to the invited Panelist / Producers name click the "Edit" icon (Note: If you haven't already invited the Panelist / Producer, you must do this first)
  • (4) Copy the unique Invite Link and send this directly to the invited user
  • (5) The recipient can then click that link and will be prompted to accept the invite and login to their event


Panelist / Producer "Quick Access"

Use this method to add a Panelist or Producer "on-the-fly" after you have already launched your event. If you wish to use this method please review the instructions below and forward them to your potential Panelist/Producer:

  • (1) After the event has been launched by the Writer, the Panelist/Producer candidate would access the event as a normal Reader would (from the Viewer Window wherever the owner has published the event).
  • (2) Next the Panelist/Producer candidate should submit a comment as a Reader, identifying themselves.
  • (3) The Writer of the event can then click the “Unmoderated/Always Allow” icon next to that comment, which will allow them to immediately give that user Panelist or Producer status. (Writer will see the option screen below)

  • (4) After the Writer has confirmed the users access, that user will see a pop-up window prompting them to participate using either EventStudio or through the Viewer Window. We recommend using EventStudio (particularly if you are a Producer since this is the only way for Producer's to help manage the event). Once an option is selected the user will immediately be able to participate in the event under their assigned role.

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