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Technology and Scalability

Although CoveritLive works seamlessly with whatever you are using today, it’s anything but a ‘widget’ or a lightweight tool. We use the best in class infrastructure necessary to support the world’s biggest media brands. CoveritLive is hosted on Akamai, Rackspace and Softlayer; which gives CoveritLive the fastest response time and full redundancy. Built on proprietary technology which blends AJAX with http streaming, CoveritLive is suitable for a blog with twenty readers or a major online property with hundreds of thousands of simultaneous readers.

What this means for our users:

  • Nothing to download (ever)
  • Easy setup and startup; NO IT department help required
  • Real-time response - for truly live event content and multimedia
  • Massive scale to support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous readers on your site
  • Seamless integration: 100% compatibility with every publishing tool available
  • Frequent upgrades to the software (and valuable advanced features)

Does it Scale?

Don’t let its ease of implementation fool you in to thinking it’s a ‘nice little application’. If 250,000 people are hitting ‘refresh’ on your site at the same time to get an update, odds are your site was not built to handle it. But with CoveritLive, our software does all the work for you making it the only solution available to handle readers at those levels and beyond. Live coverage has become a critical piece of web-based reporting, and only CoveritLive offers enterprise-class infrastructure and technology to power all of your live events.



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