Live SU Lacrosse Updates: Providence at Syracuse
The Post-Standard: 
• Dave Rahme here from the Carrier Dome where Syracuse (3-2, 1-0) will face Providence (1-3, 0-1) in Big East men's lacrosse.

• Dominic Lamolinara is warming up and will start in goal tonight for SU, his first career start. He did not play at all Saturday at Hopkins

• If what I'm seeing below me is an indication, this will be the smallest Dome crowd I've seen in years. Hey, it's summer outside in March.

• Nothing wrong with Matt Lerman, who played the entire game in cage at Hopkins. He is taking warmups, too.

• I erred earlier. I just saw Bobby Wardwell in uniform. He is on the sideline and not taking shots in warmups.

• Tim Desko, who missed the third quarter at Hopkins with what turned out to be cramps, looks fine.

• Providence close D is big - 6-3, 6-3 and 6-4, with a 6-2 goalie.

• Chris Daddio to take opening draw, sophomore Matt Harris and senior Kevin Drew on the wings. SU wins draw and Harris throws it away.

• 12:19 1Q: Teams trade 2 turnovers and SU gets it in transition and nice tic-tac-toe passes from Eilers to Maltz to Palasek for dunk. 1-0 SU

• 12:19 1Q: Friars coach Chris Burdick wastes no time in calling a timeout to settle down his team. 1-0 SU

• 10:00 1Q: Teams again trade turnovers. Very sloppy start. 1-0 SU

• 9:31 1Q: Dave Hamlin off 1:00 for a slash. 1-0 SU

• 9:09 1Q: SU leaves crease open for cross-crease pass from Sean Wright to Robert Fleming for an easy goal. 1-1.

• 8:39 1Q: SU wins draw, and JoJo Marasco breaks a three-game goal drought with a low lefty while driving across the top of the slot. 2-1 SU

• SU has won three of the first four faceoffs, a good sign.

• 7:05 1Q: JoJo Marasco just stayed on and played a shift on defense, something he told me he was going to do. He did a good job. 2-1 SU

• 6:56 1Q: SU gets a nice defensive stop, but a pass in transition eludes Steve Ianzito, and SU has another turnover. TV timeout. 2-1 SU

• When Matt Harris moves up to play wing on faceoffs, true freshman Brandon Mullins goes in at close. If PC wins the draw, Mullins stays in.

• 6:15 1Q: SU ride forces failure to advance and Providence turnover, and Chris Burdick wants his second timeout. 2-1 SU

• 5:00 1Q: Luke Cometti strikes with a low righty after a Tim Desko shot ricocheted off the crossbar. 3-1 SU

• 4:53 1Q: Bad turnover by PC, which wins draw on violation and then throws ball away in unsettled. 3-1 SU

• 3:23 1Q: Tommy Palasek uses inside roll dodge and scores from in front. PC hold on play is waved off. 4-1 SU

• 2:51 1Q: The good and the bad of Tom Palasek. He follows his second goal with his second turnover. PC ball. 4-1 SU

• Quarter ends on sour note as PC shamelessly stalls the ball for 2:00 down 4-1. SU doubles and forces a turnover and gets off a poor shot.

• Providence had one shot the entire quarter, and it was a man-up dunk. SU has won four of six faceoffs. 4-1 SU

• Goalies exchange good saves early in second quarter. 4-1 SU. PC ball

• 10:27 2Q: Steal by Matt Harris sets up transition for SU, and Tommy Palasek feeds Tim Desko on great unselfish play for easy goal. 5-1 SU

• 9:37 2Q: PC attackmen can do nothing vs. SU close D. Domination right now. Poke check by Brian Megill leads to turnover. SU ball. 5-1 SU.

• 8:38 2Q: PC off :30 for a push, its first penalty. 5-1 SU

• 6:34 2Q: JoJo Marasco and Derek Maltz play a nice two-man give-and-go game with Marasco feeding Maltz for a backhander from in close. 6-1 SU

• Game is now more than 23 minutes old and Providence has two shots despite batting 50 percent at the X (4-4).

• 2:42 2Q: Bad turn of events here, as Tim desko is fouled numerous times, the last one a nasty blow to the head that has him down. 6-1 SU

• 2:42 2Q: Desko is up and off. PC gets to :30 pushing fouls and a 2:00 nonreleasable for the blow to the head. 6-1 SU

• 1:21 2Q: SU cannot score on a full 1:00 two-man advantage, with a shot ringing off post. Now PC off 1:00 for slash. 2-man up for :40 more.

• 1:21 2Q: John Desko did not like what he saw on the man-up and has called timeout. Pat Powderly in for Tim desko on man-up. 6-1 SU

• Tim Desko back now on man-up.

• 0:59 2Q: Big save on Desko, and PC has backup. 6-1 SU

• 0:09 2Q: Just an awful sequence for SU man-up, Turnovers galore in unsettled. It ends with Derek Maltz going off 1:00 for a slash. 6-1 SU

• Half ends with SU up 6-1 and PC on the man-up for another 52 seconds. SU's failure on the two-man advange for 2:00 leaves a sour taste.

• Unofficially, SU has an 18-4 shot advantage. The bad news is under .500 at the X again (4-for-9).

• Official stats here. SU has 19-5 shot advantage. Negatives: 4-for-9 at X and 0-for-3 on man-up, two of them two-man advantages. 6-1 SU

• Dominic Lamolinara, who had to make only two saves in first half, is warming up and apparently will stay in. 6-1 SU

• SU stayed with its starting attack of Desko, Maltz and Palasek the entire half. No Collin Donahue or Billy Ward. 6-1 SU

• Three minutes added to halftime because game is on TV locally. 6-1 SU

• My guess is somewhere around 2,000. Only a handful of PC fans here. 6-1 SU

• No faceoff to open second half, as PC has the man-up for another 52 seconds with SU's Derek Maltz off. Here we go. 6-1 SU

• 14:36 3Q: A seeing eye pass from Sean Wright gets through a maze of SU sticks and finds Niall Cahill for an open 10-yarder. 6-2 SU

• 13:40 3Q: Wide-open shot from JoJo Marasco from 10, but goalie doesn't even have to move. Its ticketed for his stick. 6-2 SU

• 11:09 3Q: This game is now officially ugly. Turnovers at both ends, and they're unforced. 6-2 SU

• 10:48 3Q: Ryan Barber ends the ugliness with a right alley drive and low shot for a score. 7-2 SU

• Collin Donahue in at attack now for Tom Palasek. 7-2 SU. Drew Jenkins took last draw for SU, and Orange won it.

• 5:40 3Q: Strong left alley dodge by Bobby Eilers, and he has time at the end to switch hands and send in a right-handed bouncer. 8-2 SU

• True freshman Brandon Mullins, the former Texas 5A football player of the year, is seeing extensive action at close tonight. 8-2 SU

• 4:56 3Q: SU's Dave Hamlin off 1:00 for slash. Both PC goals are on the man-up. 8-2 SU

• 3:56 3Q: Really bad play by Dominic Lamolinara as man-up is about to expire. He leaves the post, and Andrew Barton makes him pay. 8-3 SU

• 2:14 3Q: PC off :30 for a hold. 8-3 SU

• Third quarter ends with PC failing to get off a shot despite possession for final 1:00 of period following nice save. 8-3 SU about a minute ago
Wednesday March 21, 2012 8:45 The Post-Standard
13:42 4Q: PC scores its first even-strength goal of the game, by JT Weber. 8-4 SU [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 8:47 PSLacrosse
13:04 4Q: Matt Pratt answers immediately for the Orange off a right alley dodge. 9-4 SU [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 8:48 PSLacrosse
12:21 4Q: Matt Harris off :30 for a hold. 9-4 SU [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 8:49 PSLacrosse
SU kills man down. PC 3-for-5 on man-up. 9-4 SU [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 8:50 PSLacrosse
10:09 4Q: PC off :30 for a push. SU 0-for-4 on man-up. 9-4 SU [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 8:52 PSLacrosse
9:53 4Q: Pat Powderly rifles home a hard low lefty off a feed from Tim Desko. Nine players had a goal for SU. 10-4 SU [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 8:53 PSLacrosse
Su has gone to its bench now with Villanova up in four days. Ward, Rice and Donahue at attack. 10-4 SU [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 8:54 PSLacrosse
7:52 4Q: Andrew Barton comes around from X and scores his second of the game. Frankly, Dominic Lamolinara has not looked sharp. 10-5 SU [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 8:56 PSLacrosse
6:58 4Q: Scott Loy makes a bid to become the 10th SU player with a goal, but his shot rings off the pipe. 10-5 SU [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 8:59 PSLacrosse
5:23 4Q: Nice save there by Dominic Lamolinara on a good shot from 10. 10-5 SU [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 9:01 PSLacrosse
3:17 4Q: Wow. What a horrible goal. Lamolinara misplays a dribbler from the crease and it rolls in. 10-6 SU [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 9:03 PSLacrosse
Ricky Buhr wins the faceoff clean and loses it out of his stick uncontested three times. PC finally picks it up. 10-6 SU [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 9:05 PSLacrosse
1:26 4Q: PC takes a timeout with possession. 10-6 SU. [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 9:05 PSLacrosse
SU runs out the clock and wins 10-6. Up next is Villanova at 2 p.m. Sunday in the Dome. [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 9:15 PSLacrosse
Syracuse University lacrosse team gets goals from nine players in 10-6 victory over Providence [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 9:20 PSLacrosse
Photos: Providence vs Syracuse University men's lacrosse March 21, 2012 [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 10:05 PSLacrosse
Video: Syracuse vs. Providence Lacrosse: Coach Desko and Players Post-game [via Twitter]
Wednesday March 21, 2012 10:57 PSLacrosse
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