Live coverage of Leoni Township supervisor forum
Welcome to live coverage of the Leoni Township supervisor forum. The room is starting to get full...about 40 people so far. This should be a good "debate" between current township supervisor Todd Brittain and challenger Jeff Kruse.
Thursday October 25, 2012 6:49 
Room is filling up fast! Looks like Leoni voters are very interested in hearing what the candidates have to say. Over 50 people here now.
Thursday October 25, 2012 6:59 
County Board of Commissioner Carl Rice Jr. is acting as the moderator. Going over rules now and introducing candidates.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:00 
Carl Rice got a loud applause!
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:01 
Anyone there?
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:02 
[Comment From mikemike: ] 
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:03 mike
Cool, let me know if you have any questions.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:03 
[Comment From yestimyyestimy: ] 
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:03 yestimy
Both the candidates are wearing suits and ties
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:04 
[Comment From timtim: ] 
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:04 tim
Forum is scheduled to end at 8:30. After that closing statements.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:05 
[Comment From mikemike: ] 
Is Todd's a Tux?
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:05 mike
Ha! You know about the tux? No, no tux...
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:05 
Q from resident: what are your feelings about state statue saying any township elected official only has to work one day out of the year?
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:05 
[Comment From timtim: ] 
Bet is
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:06 tim
Statute...not statue
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:06 
Kruse: I feel if you are an elected official and getting paid full-time you should be here full-time.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:07 
Brittain:I would like to echo what Jeff said. I totally agree with Jeff. You get elected to represent the people you should be there for the people.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:08 
Brittain joked with Kruse about Kruse not using his full 3 minutes.....
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:09 
[Comment From mikemike: ] 
How do they both define govermental cooperation, and how would they futher create partnerships with other govermental enities?
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:09 mike
Mike, if there is time I will see if the candidates will answer that question.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:10 
[Comment From mikemike: ] 
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:10 mike
Ahhh! A question about the sewer treatment plant but I couldn't hear the entire question..sorry guys.

Kruse: "When I'm elected the first thing I'm going to do is dig into that sewer treatment plant."
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:12 
The questions are coming from those in the audience
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:12 
They each get three minutes to respond to questions
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:13 
Kruse: "We are spending a lot of money for a company to run that plant for us."
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:14 
Brittain: "We don't need a class A operator at the plant."
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:15 
[Comment From chrischris: ] 
Do all township board members current and running live in the township and if not what will you do about it if they dont
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:15 chris
Chris, if there is time I will ask. What have you heard?
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:16 
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:16 
Q:I'm interested in knowing if the litigation with the other townships over the sewer was avoidable.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:17 
Kruse: "It has to go to court to get resolved. There is no court date set as far as I know. When I take office I want to open lines of communication with Columbia and the others involved in the Southern Interceptor."
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:18 
[Comment From chrischris: ] 
I understand that one of them actually live in the city. We all need to be honest if we represent the people
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:18 chris
Brittain: The biggest issue is that we are borrowing money from the township. At one time we had over $5 million in there.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:19 
Chris, a current trustee or a candidate? Don't say names though...
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:20 
[Comment From timtim: ] 
They all live in leonii
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:20 tim
Brittain is talking about the lawsuit with Columbia and the REU charge
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:21 
[Comment From chrischris: ] 
Someone that is running
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:21 chris
Kruse: Columbia's payment to the township was paid by tap-in fees, I got that from a really good source. Nobody can predict the economy. Nobody is building and nobody is tapping in. I was under the impression that Columbia didn't think they had to pay unless they hooked into the system.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:23 
Brittain: In the contract it, I don't believe Jeff has seen it, it says at any time if there is not enough money in hook-ups, you have to notify them that payments are due and they would be responsible.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:24 
[Comment From chrischris: ] 
I heard that someone running lives in the city. If so that is against the law. If its true it needs to be addressed. I say its true because the guys house is vacant.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:25 chris
[Comment From chrischris: ] 
Thank you and have good time in Leone tonight. This was a great idea
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:25 chris
Q: What is your proposal to continue Center Lake special assessment for next five years?

Brittain: I'm in favor of going forward with it.

Kruse: I agree
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:26 
The special assessment they are discussing is about funding weed control in the lake
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:27 
Both candidates support the special assessment for the Clearwater Association.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:28 
[Comment From timtim: ] 
How about let the ppeopl on lake decide
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:28 tim
[Comment From GuestGuest: ] 
I want to know how the candidated feel about helping Leoni Businesses grow and attracting new business to the Township?
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:28 Guest
Question from Clearwater Lake Association member: What are your ideas to repair the dam?
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:29 
Kruse: It should be done in the next five years. It is leaking really good now. The township controls and owns the dam. It was deeded to us by the city and we have the responsibility to maintain it. Now is the time to start looking at grants.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:31 
Brittain: I agree with Jeff. A man from MSU looked over the cracks. Some have been there over 30 years and getting worse. There's going to have to be money set aside for that in the future.
Thursday October 25, 2012 7:32 
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