Subscription Plans

How does pricing work?

How do Monthly Subscription Plans work?

I've signed up for a Subscription Plan. How does billing work?

The Subscription Plans listed don't meet my needs. What can I do?

I've received an automated payment failure or unpaid invoice notification. What should I do?

How can I update my billing / credit card information?

Understanding "User Engagement Minutes"

What are User Engagement Minutes?

Why UEMs?

How do I track my UEMs?

How does API use count?

What happens when I exceed the UEM limit of my CiL Trial?

What happens when I exceed the UEM limit of my Subscription Plan?

How are Readers blocked?

I want to limit how many extra charges I incur. How can I set a maximum charge amount?

How can I unblock my events if I reach my Maximum Extra-Usage Charge threshold?

Upgrading, Downgrading and Cancelling

I'm incurring too many extra-usage charges. Can I upgrade my plan?

My plan has a higher monthly UEM threshold than I need. Can I downgrade my plan (monthly subscribers)?

I have Upcoming Plan Changes pending. How do I change this?

I no longer need the service. How can I cancel or unsubscribe?